Film: 5989

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Opening shot of three geese flying in formation against the sky. An enormous moose with huge antlers runs through a clearing. A huntsman takes aim. Montage of sporting activities to funky trumpety soundtrack. A tiger in the jungle, a sunset over a swamp, a beagle chasing a fox, snow tobogganing, men in a boat on a river, a bear on a log, sword fish jumping from the sea, a roaring puma, a shark, a snake, a rhinoceros, a leopard climbing a tree, an African elephant, a male lion, polar bear, men in snowsuits aiming a crossbow, a flock of birds taking flight, a big game fish hooked. Two men stalking their prey. A woman reeling in a fish on a lake. Various shots of outdoor activities, driving a jeep through the savannah, white water rafting. (credit sequence). Kurt Gowdy is the host. Two men paddle a canoe (Jacques Bergerac and Lee Wuff). Stalking moose and caribou in Newfoundland. Richard Johnson and Guy Mitchell shoot ducks on the Adriatic Coast of former Yugoslavia.
Argentina, Uwopee (?) National Park in the Andes, David Wayne and a fishing expert fish for landlocked salmon in the River Tripole. Shots of an old jeep or Land Rover. Dry fly-fishing in a lake. The two men are in waders looking at salmon in very clear water. How to excite salmon with platinum blonde fly. David Wayne wades into the pool and casts his rod into the lake. David feels tension on his line, he has a fish, the salmon jumps out of the water. Close up of him reeling in. Fish takes a lot of line, splashes, jumps. David falls into water. Close up of fish being reeled in. David reaches the salmon. The fishing expert and David talk about the fish they have caught (one each). They try another pool. Shot of them walking down road each holding their catch! Talk about comparison of U.S.A. and South American fishing. Talk about history of salmon in the area. The expert fishes in another pool and gets a bite. Under water shots of huge salmon. He attempts to land the jumping, thrashing salmon. He beaches the fish weighing 7 and a half pounds. Both men fish in the lake at the mouth of the river in choppy waves.
Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia: aerial zoom into harbour entrance and fortresses with guns. Shots of walls, marketplace, Rector's Palace, 14th and 15th century architecture, stonework in archways, fountains, Byzantine clock tower, hand held shots through alleyway. On the road north to Pocitelj, a mediaeval village. Outdoor cafes. Marina Fez, talks about Slavs "embracing" the Moslem religion of their "little Orient". Collecting water from village square well. Mosque, built in 16th century. Fortress that overlooks village, now a home for birds. Shooting ducks in the neighbouring marshland. Guy Mitchell's father's homeland, they meet the locals speaking Serbo-Croat (?). Four men climb into a boat with their guns. Another boat paddles past. They travel up the river to the marshlands. The hunters build mee-mees as camouflage to hide in for shooting. Another hunter plants decoys in water. Shots of ducks flying. Richard Johnson and Guy Mitchell exchange conversation about hunting and shooting techniques. The men hide in the reeds and start shooting. A duck is hit and skims along the water. Richard is using an automatic rifle which is "not quite the done thing!" They shoot some more. More ducks die and fall into the water. Close up of duck being shot by Richard. No dogs to retrieve! Richard Johnson taking it all very seriously. Guy Mitchell having a bit of a laugh. More shooting. More dead ducks. Close up of ducks. Skimming along water as they die. Their guide returns to pick them up, he also collected the ducks from the water.
Newfoundland: geese flying, landscape, aerial shots. Big game hunting by Jacques Bergerac. Paddling down river in a canoe. Jacques comes from the Basque region! They tramp through the woods looking for caribou stag. In a clearing, stand five caribou staring at the camera, they turn and run. Cooking a plate of beans on an open fire. Lee Wulff crosses swamp country, chases a doe in the woods, hunter walking through clearings and woods. Group of caribou grazing then run into the woods. Young stags trying to fight, one gets lifted off the ground by the other. Stag making pass at doe! Doe not interested. Pouring coffee out of enamel pot. Jacques and companion sit on top of a hillock with binoculars. One man points over at something. Running moose. Huntsen hike through underbrush. More fleeing panicked caribou. Close up of moose being stalked by Jacques and guide. Back at the campsite they discuss the day's progress. Shots of Lee looking through binoculars at running caribou. He is charged by an enormous stag who runs off. Lee eating stew off enamel plate. Pan around mountain scenery, lake, to Jacques and his guide, who is making moose noises. Lee sees a moose near the lake, he does not shoot. Jacques sees a moose but does not kill it as it runs off and he does not want to injure it! More binocular shots. Jacques sees a moose. Run past him and Jacques shoots him. The guide and Jacques inspect the antlers. "Now there is a deep bond between the hunter and his guide". Meanwhile Lee is still stalking caribou, crawling along the ground in marshland to take aim. He hides behind scrub. Shots of him aiming. He shoots the stag, it leaps into the air and falls to the ground. Close up of spent bullet being ejected from gun. Caribou scatter. He inspects the caribou head with double brow horns and 38-point antlers. Lee takes a bone handled knife from his pocket (in close up). The dead moose is paddled downstream. The caribou is carried on Lee's shoulders through meadowland. Jacques and guide arrive back at the campsite, they compare trophies.

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