Film: 599

Railways | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Bath To Evercreech on the Somerset and Dorset railway GWR 1940's

Slow motion of locomotive train pulling out of a station. Locomotive engine number 53807. Close up of steam engine and wheels. Locomotive coupling with wagons. Bath Junction railway station. Signalman hangs something on a hook (like a bag with a rigid handle) the train goes past and a hook on the locomotive snares the bag so it can be taken on board the train. Locomotive pushes a series of train carriages, another pulls them from the front. The goods train goes into a tunnel. Locomotive goes very fast through a station and past stationary trains. Goods train, locomotive engine reversing along the track. Another shot of a locomotive coupling with carriages.
Radstock North railway station. Locomotive pulling carriages goes over a river bridge. Low point of view of wheels of the train. Midsomer Norton South railway station. Locomotive pulling wagons, locomotive at the rear pushes them. Engine reversing. Shepton Mallet Charlton Road railway station. Loading water into steam locomotive. Man checks the engine and the train's wheels. 53807 locomotive slowly moves off. View of wheels and steam vents. Train goes over arched bridge, many arches. Evercreech Junction North, Evercreech Junction railway stations. Signal drops, locomotive reversing with carriages. Train starts off again. Locomotive passes in front of a stationary train. Locomotive on train turntable, men push and pull the turn table until the train is facing the opposite way. They line up the tracks and the train starts off again.

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