Film: 5990

Music | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Religious country music film. 'Sunday on the Range' Christian country and western. With Redd Harper and Tim Spencer, lots of 'howdy' and 'mighty fine' dialogue.
Singing cowboys, homely family entertainment and gospel songs. Redd Harper sing a song while playing a guitar which has 'Mr Texas' written on it.
Campfire song 'Lie Down Little Dogies' cowboys sit around fire and sing, one plays guitar. 'The Preaching Cowboy' shoes off his lassoo technique and tells us why a rope is a good metaphor for life. Mother and son bedtime story about Gideon.

Introductory song “On the Range” overlaid by titles.
1m 41s Redd Harper introduces the programme surrounded by friends and neighbours for a Sunday afternoon get together.
2m11s Redd singing song “Lord keep your hand on me”
3m50s Lariat spinning by Jimmy Lloyd with cowboy pupil trying and failing to do it.
4m15s Seven piece band featured
4m22s Redd with quartet of singers
5m4s Redd joins Loretta Spencer who sings Sunday school song
7m24s More lariat spinning
7m46s Redd introduces Western ballad
8m21s Campfire setting with 4 cowboys singing “Lie low little dogie” This sequence features close-up of Tim Spencer on guitar , followed by song of the circuit riding Preacher.
14m42s Jimmy Lloyd demonstrates throwing the rope as lasso. Pupil promptly throws rope which lands round neck of girl.
15m21s Redd comes into picture to question Jimmy about rope throwing. Jimmy explains uses of rope and demonstrates different tricks, he finishes with sermon about Christianity and living life in a Christian way.
18m20s Song “It’s your life” sung by cowboy and 2 young ladies with a solo by one of the them.
21m5s Close-up of “Mr Texas” inscribed on Redd’s guitar. He now sings “Build me a cabin in a corner of glory land”
22m20s Seven piece band featured again
23m 0s Red introduces next scene featuring Richard Harper
24m23s Bedroom with young boy being put to bed by his mother who tells him the story of Gideon .
29m20s Redd and quartet sing “What would I do without jesus”
31m29s Redd signs off with the Sunday on the Range song and camera pans round the scene with a shot of the pupil rope thrower finally getting it right.

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