Film: 5993

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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Second World War camera gun footage from aircraft attacking targets on ground including buildings and a ship. American perspective on a battle in Italy in 1943 with some reconstruction?. America GI's storm mountain. German counter-attack. Wounded soldier on stretcher. Troops lead mule train up hillside. The American war correspondent Ernie Pyle smoking with soldiers. Story of recovery of dead captain's body. Soldier is apparently shot. Radio operator. Tanks burning after being hit by anti tank guns. Soldiers being carried high on stretchers. Storming mountain. German prisoners. American eating. Mortars and field guns. American soldier emerges from hole smoking a cigarette. Italian civilians smiling as they run into the open. Ten year old girl carrying baby sister and smiling. Americans supplying food to village. American digging graveyard. Fitting dog tags onto wooden grave markers. Digging dead civilians from rubble. A dead woman, a crying man. Remarkable shot of woman walking balancing a coffin on her head, without the aid of her hands. Devasted town. Ruined olived groves.

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