Film: 5995

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Opening shot of a tilt up the UN Headquarters in New York. U Thant talks of the one nation - one vote system. Shots of the General Assembly. U Thant talks of the younger less experienced countries voting "stupidly" - this is where democracy and decision by committee can go wrong. Delegate from Zambia (Mwenga?) speaks. Close up shots of representatives from Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Jordan. More shots of the Security Council. Zambian representative talks of whips from the major powers undemocratically "intimidating" the smaller countries to vote with them on issues. Ambassador Ko from Singapore concurs but adds that often those small and medium sized nations who refuse to align themselves with either of the major powers (U.S.A. or U.S.S.R.) are "ghetto-ised" into the Third World.
Close ups of the following country's delegates with name plates in front of them: Sudan, Bulgaria, Burma, Burundi, Byelorussian S.S.R (Belarus), Cambodia (empty chair due to Vietnam War), Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic (empty chair), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo - Brazzaville, Congo - Democratic Republic of (Zaire) Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, Dominican Republic (empty chair).
Shots of African representatives in white robes walking into UN building.
Schoolchildren are at the UNICEF photographic exhibition - photographs of children from all over the globe who live in war zones and have received aid from the UN.
Shots of African refugees in Zambia playing drums, a woman plasters the walls of her house with mud, mother and child walk through village, a woman with a child on her back in a sling collect dirt for making mud plaster for the walls of their house, children at school dancing, clapping and singing (including close up), men and women refugees harvest crop on a communal farm. Zambian delegate speaks of importance of aid programmes via the UN. Milk powder and cooking oil are distributed to African villagers. A woman collects water from a pond. Healthy baby posters - Dutch nurses run clinics for children under five - baby is weighed and measured, children are vaccinated against smallpox by black doctors.
The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) teach villagers who live near a lake to fish (white UN advisers), men in canoes paddle into the middle of the lake to fish; a new FAO fibreglass canoe with outboard motor allows the villagers to escape hippopotamus who have killed villagers before. White men (UN advisers) are filmed in the new canoe. New fishing net is given to the villagers - shots of fishermen untangling fish from the net on shore. Close up of fish being caught. New and old methods of fish-drying including sun baking and smoking.
Land Rover and truck on bush road. Doctors at a village check, measure, weigh and take samples from villagers to ascertain what medical conditions exist and what changes to diet are required. Nurse feeds children spoonfuls of cod liver oil (includes good close ups). Teachers dance and sing with children.
Robert MacNamara - President of the World Bank - speaks of world economics in relation to developing nations' economic progress.
Lord Carradine walks along a tree-lined street looking very concerned. He talks about the affluent minority of the First World nations and the poverty stricken majority of the Third World nations. Talks of the Zambesi problem - north of the Zambezi is African nationalism and south is white supremacy. Lord Carradine suggests that this division between rich and poor requires international intervention in the form of the UN.
Further shots of entrance to UN building. Talking head of U Thant speaks of widening gap between rich and poor since the end of the Second World War. Talks of global strategy - "Humanity is an indivisible whole" - developed countries must do more for the developing nations.
More shots of the General Assembly chamber. Voting board with lights flicking on as each country votes. Close up of delegates from France and Laos.

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