Film: 6000

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


A man causes havoc walking around with a roll of lino.

A back street, a woman strides out of an opening in a brick wall. She is wearing a hat, a long skirt with an apron, a scarf around her neck and her sleeves are rolled up. She calls out and a little boy runs to her and she gives him a note. A building site, planks of wood lie on the ground and ladders rest against the buildings. A man climbs down a ladder and puts on his jacket. The little boy runs up to him and gives him the note. He kisses his son and reads the note. He shakes his fist and points the boy away. He leaves the site. Outside a shop a man with a waistcoat gives him a roll of lino. He picks it up and knocks the man off his feet when he turns around with it. Two men are wheeling a dresser with a mirror on top. The father walks into their path and the lino crashes through the mirror. The two men start fighting him. Other men get involved and they throw the lino on top of him. Later at a drinks cart, the father stops to buy a drink. Another customer arrives as he finishes his drink. The father picks up his lino again and knocks over the other customer and the cart as he leaves. A man leans a ladder against a lamppost and begins to climb up it.
The father is chatting with a man on a street corner and ends up knocking him over and having to make a quick escape. Not looking where he is going he turns a corner and knocks right into a policeman. He tries to get on to the top of an open topped bus and causes a woman to fall over the side. The others on the bus throw him out after her. The woman starts hitting him and people crowd around. He starts running and people run after him. He runs around a corner and falls into a tub of plaster mix. The men working there help him out and laugh hysterically. Final shot of the man and his lino standing soaked.


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