Film: 6002

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Thailand, South East Asia. Menam River delta - paddy fields, buffalos being used to thresh rice. Barges on river, passenger ferry. Houses on stilts. Fisherman with loop nets. Thrown cast nets. Canals irrigate land. Women build canal banks. Teak forestry. Elephants drag logs through forest. Logs go to Bangkok. Pagoda of Wat Chang. River traffic. Buddhist Monastery. Thai dancers. Harbour.

Geographic explanation of Thailand's position in Southeast Asia. The largest part of the country is a large basin surrounded by mountains, with rivers flowing south to the sea.
The Yom or Nan River, a wide swift flowing river, from the river, views of the surrounding rice fields on the plateau surrounding the river, people walk along the shore, working the rice fields, one of Thailand's most important crops. Threshing rice, men herd cattle over piles of rice stalks, pushing the grains out. A boat pulls three small barges, using the river as a road. A long boat, used as a house boat. Wooden houses built along the river with very steep roofs and high up on stilts, to deal with the flooding. Six or seven farm buffalos submerged in the water, cooling themselves off in the river. They walk along and then plunge themselves down again. A few fishermen along the bank of the river., they walk along with nets held spread out at the corners with bending wooden supports, they drop the net into the water and then pull it up. An irrigation canal, with a fish ladder beside it so the fish can get up the river. Three other fishermen using another method of throwing nets out into the river. They slowly pull the net in, collecting the fish in the middle of the net. Fishermen in long narrow boats on the river, they all throw their nets out at the same time. Fish are scooped up out of the net with smaller fish nets.
The construction of locks and canals with mud and earth for better water distribution for the rice harvest. Women carry baskets of sand up from a barge, to make the bank of a canal higher. A newly constructed dam. Foresters walk through Thailand's forest, it looks rather tropical, largely teak wood. And axe cuts a strip around the bottom of a tree. Looks like colonial leader who points to where he wants the workers to chop. A dead teak tree, with no leaves, the sap is dried out. Two years later it is cut down. An whole army of workers hack and saw at the tree trunk. The tree falls over. The loggers chop off the branches with their axes. An elephant is driven through the forest. A group of elephants wait to be hooked up to one of the teak logs. The domesticated elephants pull and move the timber around with their tusks and with chains attached through the log. A huge log barge, the logs are corralled in groups to be taken down river. The ? Chang pagoda in Bangkok, seen from the harbour. The harbour is crowded with all different kinds of boats. One of the many Buddhist monasteries or temples in Bangkok. Girls doing a ceremonial dance, with extremely long gilded fingernails. The industrial harbour of Bangkok where all different kinds of ships come to unload and load goods. Ships from all over the world, taking out rice, tin, rubber and teak.

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