Film: 6003

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Landscape. Fjords. Frosts. Norway. Sweden. Denmark.
Danish farm, dairy, cattle, pigs. Milk to dairy. Farmer's co-ops. Timber. Hydroelectric power. Iron ore mines. Steel industry. Huge fishing fleet. Gothenburg ship building yard and works. Swedish family at dinner in modern suburb. Shopping. School. Medical centre. Shipyard choral society. Bergen, ships.

Geographical description of Scandinavia, interestingly, this map does not include Finland as part of Scandinavia, instead only highlighting Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The warm westerly breezes make the country west and rather mild compared to Russia or Arctic Canada. Shipping routes around the Baltic are highlighted. The topography shows the very mountainous terrain, especially in Norway. A Norwegian fjord, surrounded by tall mountains, the sea cutting deep inland. A small village of wooden houses high in the hills. A river tumbling down through a rocky cavern. Rocky barren moor lands on the mountain summit. Sweden, thick with forest, interspersed with lakes. Denmark, the sand dunes with sea grass along the shore, the neat clean fields inland, a cow grazing. A stave church, with the prows of Viking boats lining the roofline. A small village with one such church. Then a busy city street. Outside of a government building, people mill around and talk. A couple of mothers watch as their children play in a playground. Workers leaving a factory. The map again showing the differing populations of the countries and the different proportions of arable land. A dairy farmer in Denmark, he leads his cows into the farm yard. A young boy feeds chickens. Canute feeds his very large pigs, his young children try to help. He wheels a wheelbarrow through the farm yard, one of his children rides on top of it, the other two run beside it, Canute pushes it into the barn. Canute and some farm workers load a truck with milk cans, taking them to the cooperative dairy. Men try to herd pigs into a yard near the bacon factory. Men in suits, and hats stand and talk outside a white clapboard building, these are the farmers who own the cooperative pig processing plant and cooperative dairy. They all file into the building. They come into a room with white cloth-covered tables.
The tall trees of Norway and Sweden. A huge lumber mill. Water pours out the bottom of a hydroelectric dam. The exterior of a hydroelectric dam. Power lines stretch across the landscape. Iron mining. A huge digger pulls out hunks of rock of iron ore. An iron smelter. A huge pot or boiling hot iron. A silver or goldsmith lightly tapping a piece of decorated metal. A huge fleet of fishing boats, heading out to sea. An industrial port. The port of Gottenberg. The shipyards of Gottenberg, men high on scaffolding welding sheets of metal together. The shipbuilders move along side the massive huge side of a ship. Olaf, one of the workers, goes to get his bicycle. Olaf goes into his flat and as he opens the door, his children run to greet him, he lifts up Birgit and pat Erik on the head. They go into the living room and Olaf reads his newspaper as the children play. Mrs. Thorsen has supper on the table, the children gather around. A good shot of the table with all the food on it, butter, and mashed potatoes. Mrs Thorsen walks down a town street earlier today. Erik and a group of his friends leave the school building. Mrs. Thorsen and Birgit leave the medical centre. The children get up as their father leaves the table. Olaf goes to a meeting with the shipyard choral society. The ferry leaving Bergen. John Ferguson leaves his wife and daughter on the pier and walks on board the ferry. The men salute as he comes on board. Casting off.

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