Film: 6004

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


New England, U.S.A.
Lakes, water sports, canoes, water chutes, girl canoeing race, pony trekking, wild deer. Winter sports, skiing, husky sledge. Women, game fishing. Cape Cod's farm over Plymouth Rock, Old North Church, Lexington battlefield, Old Bridge at Concord, Boston, Boston Cannon, multi people swan pedaloes. Sailing. Gloucester, fishing port, artists at work. Trawlers at work. Lobster pots off Maine. The beaches, windjammer sailing ships. Rural life in U.S.A.

'Today, holiday makers enjoy themselves were Pilgrims ventured 300 years ago.' A children's summer camp in the woods of the east coast United States, there are canoes drawn up on the shore and a wharf going out into the lake for swimmers. There is a small sailboat out in the lake, children are walking on the wharf or going to get a canoe. Girls with bathing caps dive off the wharf, there is a floating platform with two levels of diving platforms a little distance into the lake, it is crowded with children, some of them diving off it. Funny shot of the swimming platform with the kids swimming from it as a girl balances on the back of a canoe rocking it forward and back, moving it forward across the screen. Two canoes face each other, each with two boys in it, one boy stands on the front of the boat and they have a chicken fight, one of the canoes tips over.
'Water sports galore'. A really cool water slide that pairs of children go down on sleds that skip across the water. A crowd lines the shore as eight women canoe teams race up the lake, with a cox in the back steering. Good views from the side and looking straight down the canoe from an angle above front. 'And horseback trails of beauty.' A group of children ride horses on path through the forest. The horses trot and the riders post. 'Wildlife is abundant'. Deer walk across a narrow bridge over water. A moose, flapping it ears and walking on its tall legs through the water, it eats eater plants as it goes.
' When winter comes thousands gather for snow thrills!' A bizarre chair lift that is like a miniature train but with individual cars and people get in with their skis and sit sideways. Shots of people skiing, men, women, one shot of people stopping sharply as they get to the cabin at the bottom of the hill. Dog sledding with huskies.
'But the call of spring is irresistible to the true fisherman.' Girls with their fishing baskets around their waists, wearing hipwaders and fly fishing. One pool with all their lines in it. One girl puts a fish in her basket. A hooked fish wriggles in the river as the fisherman reels him in. The man holds up the fish in the net.
'The historic Cape Cod, town of Provincetown, still boasts a town crier!' View from the sea, of Cape Cod. The town crier walks along the pier, ringing his huge bell, people walk around him.
'Plymouth Rock, where America Began.' the pilgrim's memorial at Plymouth Rock. 1620, marked on a rock. 'Old North Church, immortalized by Paul Revere'. The steeple of the Old North Church with the statue of Paul Revere in front of it.
'At Lexington Battlefield, the redcoats faced an insolent rebellion.' the battlefield outside the Lexington town hall. The stone where Captain Parker's words are engraved. ' Old Bridge at Concord, turning point of the rebellion.' A very new looking wooden bridge over a small river. The statue of the Minute man.
'Boston, here 300 years ago and area was set aside as a common pasture, the Boston Common.' Aerial view of the Boston Common, covered with trees. A busy street beside the common, large 1920's or 30s cars drive along the road.
'Adjacent are the Public Gardens, nestling the shadow of New England's tallest building, the Custom's House'. Tourists are moved around in peddle boats, they sit on benches while the man sits on a chair disguised as a swan on the back and peddles.
'Marblehead, the down -east yachtsmen's paradise.' Sailboats out on the sea, almost all identical with their two white sails. The boats are not big. 'Gloucester, world-renowned heart of the deep sea fishing industry.' Seagulls fly around the masts of three fishing boats, with crows nest high up. Three boats coming into harbour.
Throughout New England, summer artists' colonies abound.' Amateur painters paint at their easels on the docks of the fishing village.
'While off the coast, husky trawler crews haul in record catches of fish for waiting markets.' View from a ship, they pass a light house on a rocky outcrop. Fishermen use winches to haul in the net. The crew pull the rope and the fish drop into the deck. A huge crowd of seagulls follow the boat. A pleasure boat makes its way through a calm cove.
'Fourteen million pounds of lobster are caught each year off Maine.' A lobsterman hauls up a lobster trap onto his boat. A close up of the lobsters crawling all over each other. A hand flips one over to see the underside.
'New England Beaches are famed for their broad expanses of clean white sand. Girls sun bathing get up and run into the waves. A group of smiling young people haul on a rope. A tall windjammer ship heads out of harbour for holiday makers, as they haul on the ropes to get the sail up. A good shot of the clipper ship under full sail.
A lighthouse on a rocky outcrop.

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