Film: 6008

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Sound + Silent | B/W + Colour


1. The village of Burpham, Surrey. A farm yard, using pitchforks in the hay, carrying hay , A hay wagon, or haywain, men and women working around it, piling hay on top. Thatched farm houses, a church tower beside a thatch roof. Piglets, a horse hitched to a cart in a farmyard. A farmer turning the ground.
2. Amateur home movie of people gathering hay or possibly weeds with pitchforks. Man and woman put it on a bonfire. A fantastic lawn mower, it must be one of the first sit -on riding lawn mowers. Man gives his wife a ride on it after doing a bit of mowing, she is wearing a strange bonnet. Cows graze next to a pond. Farm vehicle working - Massey Harris combine harvester.

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