Film: 6010

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


An amateur home movie film of a trip to Vienna, Austria. 1931
" At the Dutch German frontier ". Four men and a woman in a cloche hat lean out of a train compartment window. People mill about the railway platform. Street sellers of confectionery and other travel things stand together on the platform with trays of items above their heads. The men and women of the party on the platform. View of Koln, Cologne, station, Germany. Steam locomotive enters the station. Woman on the platform.
" Vienna, a city of wide street and magnificent public buildings ". Large smart car is parked outside. " The Grand Hotel ", Rotary club banners hang from a large building. Crowds in a Viennese square. Street scene with traffic and more banners. Two women in cloche hats. Pan up buildings. Ornate street lamps in close up. View down the Danube river from a bridge, looking at another bridge, riverside views. Woman sits by street stall, weaving or crochet, she wears a large hat or scarf.
" A Fashion Parade at the Kursaal ". a small band plays to a crowded outside cafe with white clothed tables, surrounding a empty open space for the fashion show. Medium shorts of women in evening dress and day suits. They have their hands on their hips and look very sophisicated. they twirl mannequin style. There is a large crowd watching the fashion models and many tables with waiters serving tea, a balcony of more on lookers as the models show a large and varied collection of clothes from the late 1920's to the 1930's period fashion. Evening dresses are slim line in shiny materials. Fur coats of pure white and black. One of the woman watching is fanning herself, it is clearly a hot day. A man directs the models before they descend the stairs. There must be at least 20 or 30 different models. Lovely close ups of the fashion. More parading up and down although there is no catwalk or stage. A conductor waves his baton to the band, more fur coats. The whole effect is very wealthy and rich women. Close up of a man playing the clarinet.
" The wonderful open air baths " two women sit at a table laid with a white cloth and a silver service waiter holds a tray. The women are in swimsuits and close fitting bathing hats. Male and female swimmers. Pan across the swimming pool which is very busy, people lounging by the side. Three beautifully dressed women eat lunch at a table, one with a nice hat on. Lots of diners around the pool. women at outside shower, one is fat and gets down on all fours to benefit from the shower. Street scenes with trams. Views of the street from a high building. Woman walks on the pavement, she is very fashionable. Shopfronts and banners.
" A Glimpse of one of Vienna's huge housing schemes, the Karl Marx-Hof which contains 1,400 flats and accommodates 4,000 people. Pan up and across the huge block of Art Deco flats. A sign saying this the Karl Marx housing scheme.

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