Film: 6018

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | Colour + B/W


West Indies 1939. Amateur home movie. Trinidad and Surinam.
Trinidad And Dutch Guiana. Pitch lake. Surinam, ocean liners and cruising around the Caribbean, gold mine, flying boats, train though jungle.

A ocean liner on the water, near land. On deck, two old men look over the side, a woman walks purposefully along the deck. Various shots of on deck. The high dark cliffs of land. The captain with his binoculars around his neck. The cultivated sides of hillside, neatly separated by stone walls. Driving along the coast line. A large villa. Pitch lake views. Tourists in white trousers. Mudflats with rivers running through them. Two Trinidadians with pick axes work breaking rocks? One of them stands ankle deep in water and pulls up seaweed? Car drives up across the shore line. A man in white walks across the grubby shore and talks to one of the men working. A cricket club? A circle around a bunch of trees, or possibly for agricultural purposes. A yellow and white art deco hotel, tennis courts out back. Men standing on the wings of an airplane. 'Paramaribo (Dutch Guiana) at the Gold Mine.' docking a float plane? A rustic Caribbean house on the mud flats. Point of view along the railway tracks through the jungle. A crowd of people waiting for the train in the jungle. The train stops and some passengers get off, some get on, usually with lots of luggage. An older couple outside of their house made of stick, leaves and string. Another woman outside of a wooden house.
Colour, the railway tracks on a wide expanse of gravel. Very Dark, some men in pith helmets. A float plane lands on the water. Another man filming beside the same group on the airplane docks. A crew all in white swarms over the plane, the captain walks up the docks. The group of explorers, in pith helmet and khakis separate themselves from the group at the dock house and walk towards the plane. Views from the plane of clouds and the sea below. 'Home by Simon Bolivar, First Boat sunk by Germans 1939'.

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