Film: 602

Railways | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Great Western Railway Kingsbridge branch line in Devon 1960's Featuring Locomotives 5558,5573, 5561

Starting at Brent Station, '45 class tank engines as listed above, curiously (that is they start 55 numbers ) GWR ran out of 45 numbers for their '45 class so had to start these ones with 55.

We pass the stations of " Garra Bridge" and " Loddiswell" then on the Kingsbridge. The locomotives are all being run down as it is the end of steam and the end of the line as it was shut by Beeching.

This branch line is interesting because originally it was intended to form part of the main line Exeter to Plymouth along what would have been the very scenic coast line. But Brunel when surveying and planning the route decided that an atmospheric line would run on what is now the main line to Plymouth. This route involves many hard climbs and bridges. But Brunel envisaged the atmospheric railway as getting over these obstacles. The atmospheric line would require a steam pressure system with a vacuum, requiring a leather seal and greased to allow the train to smoothly pass over. This was the systems downfall. The rats ate the leather covered in grease! So a failure for the great engineer Brunel and a hard journey for all modern and old main line routes to Plymouth. And the coastal Kingsbridge line remained a branch line.

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