Film: 6025

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


1930s comedy compilation of 1920s slapstick gags. 'Once upon a time when the movies were young'. Traffic cop talking to driver of large car. Man wearing cowboy hat rides off on (presumably) cop's motorbike. Cop gives chase. Chase sequence filmed from back of car backwards. Man on motorbike is pursued through crowded city streets. Passes trams, drives along tram tracks. Man stands on pedals to look where he is going. Car and three motorcycle cops chase him. Man on bike pulls alongside car and jumps on and in through side rear window. 'It mattered not who won or lost so long as the chase was fast'. Camera pulls back to reveal front end of car with chauffeur in. 13 people get in, car drives off to reveal it is very long. Lots of people get into large charabanc. Long stretched car drives down road. Front wheels wobble.
[Cut] Man sitting on beach throws something beyond camera. Other man has large lobster attached to his backside. Girl and Billy Bevan try to remove it and flap about. Billy pulls lobster off but kicks man who runs and falls across pond and who grabs rick in middle of pond. He forms a bridge. Billy and girl pull man's feet but he nearly falls in pond.
[Cut] Two men run to car in a hurry. They do not notice driver is cross-eyed and tell him to drive. He looks aghast as he drives. We see double vision, two merging images of the road. He uses the horn. Men in back of car frightened. Car filmed from front as it drives along busy street in hectic manner. [Bad scratches and scuffs on frame here].
[Cut] to pond scene. Billy climbs on man and kneels in small of his back. He crawls to island. He lifts man's arms and they stand up leaning on each other. [Cut] Cars. More frightening driving. Car jumps over a train, animated. Driver smiles and salutes. Man stands in road with sign 'Stop. I.B. Sheriff'. Car drives through him and he falls in ditch. Driver uses horn and looks behind him. Sheriff gets on bicycle and pursues car. Split screen of revolving image of four sheriffs on bike. Bike takes short cut and gets in front of car. Bike and car zigzag across bridge. Man on bike crashes through fence. Steering wheel comes off in cross-eyed driver's hands.
[Cut] park scene. The rock moves and Billy and man slide lower to pond.
[Cut] gag where very small garage has four cars and hay cart exiting.
[Cut] black cat sits near fence. Dog sees cat and runs after cat. Dog is tied to woman's wheelchair. Four people chase after her. People get in car which is supported scaffolding from which men fall when car is driven off. Man carries boxes across plank and falls over when wheelchair goes by. Chair rushes in front of tram. Billy Bevan drives car and soaks pedestrians. Car crashes through boxes. Car tips over, people fall out. Woman in chair calls for help. Men right car. Man directs traffic and chair hits him. He sits on woman's lap. He falls off. Car hits him and knocks him (animated) in air. Billy lassos woman in chair round the neck. He pulls, the driver brakes and the woman is pulled from the chair.
[Cut] Pond. Girl fetches plant.
[Cut to Iron Nag'] Cops leave county jail in car and fire guns. Horse race. Car knocks line of spectators off fence. Horses jump fence. Police drive though fence. Horses take water jump. Police drive through water. Car hits Billy Bevan from behind. He is (animated) into the air and land on back of riderless horse and rides it. He is in stripy prison uniform.
[Cut] car drives into large pond and occupants fall out.
[Cut] girl with plank has trouble getting through trees.
[Cut to 'Car Shy' 002451] Motorbike and sidecar ride through house and chase men. Mend in sidecar kicks other man over who ends up doing a hand stand against the wall. Bike chases men round in circle. Bike drives over man on floor. Man is knocked over, he gets up and statue falls on his head, he collapses again. Bike and sidecar ride up stairs. Men chase bike. Bike comes downstairs. Men do somersaults off the stairs to avoid it and land on their heads. Man in sidecar gets covered in curtain. Man runs out of front door and starts engine of truck. People in back of truck are thrown about. Open-backed truck trails steps on road. Man awaits bike and sidecar by leaping over table. Man in the sidecar is dressed as a scot in kilt and tam o'shanter. Bike and sidecar get separated. Sidecar spins around on floor. Bike goes through double gates and chases truck. Motorcyclist steers motorbike up ramp at back of truck and he falls through front and grabs the driver. He steers the truck. Motorcycle cop chases car. Mad driving antics, cars and bike drive round in circles. Train knocks cop of motorbike. Car nips in front of train several times. Motorcyclist drives in river. Car drives off incomplete bridge. Car chases person on rail buggy. Car crashes through gate. Man stops buggy and runs into rural railway station. Car drives onto back of empty carriage on train. Two trains chase each other. Billy Bevan in the car teeters off the back of train. Trains race side by side. Both trains race on some track. Car falls off back of front train and drives off between two trains. Man stops car. Runs into phone box sized 'garage' and drives out car, visual gag. Cars drive along and crash into trailer spreading boxes everywhere. Close up man braking. Paper blows over his face and blocks his view. Driver takes his hands off steering wheel and car careers wildly (filmed from car). After effects of collapsing bridge. Close up driver's foot with gear cog caught round it. Tries to shake it off. Large boulder rolls down hillside. Cars approach it on road. (Animated) The first one jumps over large rock. Second man shunts rock and it pursues man in car. He looks over his shoulder and sees it. It follows him round bend. Boulder knocks into tree stump which falls across road. Car swerves to avoid log. Other car goes around log and car. Train enters tunnel followed by man in car. Car exits other end pursued by train. Lots of fast driving and animate effects of cars driving off pier. Steering wheel comes off in man's hand, woman sits next to him. Car goes past sign ' Slow Dangerous Curve'. Car crashed down hillside. Man and woman rolls down hillside. Two cars crash into one another, animated effect, and lots of smoke. Drivers are bruised and have black eyes. Billy Bevan punches other driver who collapses. Cross-eyed man lies under car and tries to catch his own thumb. Girl puts plank across water of pond to Billy Bevan and other man. All three meet in the middle of the plank and it collapses. They fall in water. Man in top hat cycles away from camera, carrying other man in top hat.

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