Film: 6028

Food + Drink | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Baker delivers loaf from basket. Wheat seed sowed with combine drill. Combine harvester, wheat is bagged, loaded on train off through countryside. Flour mill in city. Children also use hand mill. Large industrial mill, interiors. Flour in bags to bakery, large machine, automatic mixing, weighing etc. Baking. Baker goes on rounds in van.

A young boy and girl run out of their little bungalow house to the gate in their fence. A man comes across the street with a basket, he wears shorts and a collared shirt. He hands the young boy a loaf of bread over the gate. The boy smiles and looks at the loaf of bread.
A tractor pulling a combine drill which plants the seeds. A man and a young boy hang on the back of the combine as it moves over the field. As they near the end of the field, a horse drawn wagon meets them, with a stack of seed bags. A man heaves one of the bags over to the combine and the farmer empties it into the combine. A boy's hands slip through the grain of seed in the combine. Close up of the wheat in the boys hands. A close shot of the tall ripe wheat.

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