Film: 6031

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Display of physical strength and exercise demonstrated by serious, fit young men of Germany (20's-30's) in shorts. Men in shorts and short hair cuts march in rows while holding metal balls and medicine balls. Very militaristic, suggestion of Greek athletes. Muscularly well defined men exercise in sync in a field, lifting arms, spinning arms, bending and touching ground. Medium shot of one man doing this exercise. Rows of men in shorts sitting, extending and bending legs and grasping knees with hands when legs bent. Closer shot of blond haired man (Aryan) doing this exercise. Medium shot of man lying on back, sitting up and slapping hands against grass. Two rows of men consisting of men pulling other men who are resisting. Man bent over with another standing behind him. Other men vault over the bent over man and do somersaults assisted by a standing man. Similar exercise but somersaulting men place hands on ground and are then folded over the arms of two helpers. Three men somersault in unison without assistance. In slow motion man somersaults holding on to two men's arms. Man somersaults over bent over man without touching him, then over three then over six. Rows of men throwing medicine balls at each other in unison. Instructor demonstrates how hard a medicine ball can be thrown. Row of men lying down and throwing medicine balls to standing partner. Pairs of men wrestle over medicine ball. Focus on one pair, they tug and pull, fall on ground and throw each other around, good example of writhing. Rows of men standing, throwing heavy balls into air with one hand, catching in the other and then repeating, different shots of this exercise. Throwing same ball in air with both hands, catching it with both, swinging between legs and throwing it up again. Same exercise but throwing in air with one hand. Throwing ball in one hand and catching it in same. Large ball with handle, throwing it up in air with one hand, catching it with the other. Flicking ball in one hand over shoulder. Men marching quickly in columns along running track. Walking along track bringing knee up to chest on each step. Again along track, long step and pushing back side as low to ground as possible while arms are stretched to the side. Running along track. In threes the men adopt the sprint start position and then run off. Single line of men jumping over high jump bar. Two lines of men jumping over high jump bar (straight at camera). Line of men scissor jumping over high jump bar. Men shot putting. Lines of men crossing elevated beam, ditto with medicine balls over heads. Standing on beam, throwing medicine ball into air and catching it. Medicine ball thrown to partner (also on beam) who throws it back. Men crouching and crawling along beam. Two men on beam attempting to gain balance, they both fall off into the ditch below, two men attempting to slap the other's hand while on beam, one loses balance and falls off, the other raises arms in victory. Men in lines running and then jumping over ditch. Men in rows jumping on to high wall, pulling themselves up and them vaulting over it. Shot of the other side of the wall. A much higher wall, men stand along bottom of wall, others run at them, place foot in hand, they are given a 'leg-up'. Another man at top of wall pulls them up.
There is a sense of Nazism within the film as the fit young men of Germany are made fitter to make Germany great again. The men in the film are perhaps too old for Hitler Youth members but the images can suggest this.

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