Film: 6033

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Children's savings in Nazi Germany. Film for children to promote the benefits of saving money.
Two German boys buy sweets from sweet shop. They watch group of Hitler Youth boys ride by on bicycles. They talk. Boys in classroom in school. Teacher sells other boys saving stamps. Same boys out walking go to help a man with a broken down NSU motorbike. He gives them money and rides away. Boys walk past ice cream shop - consider going in. One does go in and buys ice cream. Cosy domestic scene with the other boy, little sister, mother and father, boy has savings book. Dad gives the girl a coin, she puts it in her piggy bank. She goes with brother to shop and buys a bag with her savings. She gives it to her mother as a birthday present, boys gives her flowers. Family have tea. The two boys once more look in a shop window at a bicycle, one has now saved enough to buy a bike, the other just spends his money on sweets. He looks glum. Next we see him in school , now he is saving using teacher's stamps scheme.

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