Film: 6038

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Family amateur home movie featuring lots of different scenes - many quite short, and not necessarily related to each other. Possibly of Findon West in Sussex, the Downs and Cornwall.

Three women wearing three-quarter length coats and cloche hats walk out of the Crown Hotel. Outside a large country house a man stands on the lawn with three small terrier type dogs playing at his feet. A gardener wearing waistcoat and straw hat mows the grass with a large petrol driven lawn mower. A cat sits on the bonnet of a car (some jump cuts). A few dark shots of the exterior of a house (I think!).

Two cars drive down a road. A woman wearing a pale coat and cloche hat walks out of a house driveway onto the pavement. Deer graze underneath some trees. A group of men and women come out of a gate and get into an open top car. Short jump cuts featuring black and white cows.

A group of people walk past the exterior of some thatched shed type buildings. The men and women all wear hats. A clutch of white chickens run past camera. A woman wearing hat and coat timidly pats the nose of a donkey. A second women appears and also touches the donkey. Various quick jump cuts of quite a short duration, including the exterior of house and a cat. Out of focus shot of man with rolled up shirt sleeves. Two women walk arm in arm down a path. One woman cuts roses (?) and places them in a bag held by the other woman.

A group of five children play on a beach with waves crashing in the background. They throw stones into the water. A group of coldstream guards wearing bearskin hats march past camera, with London bobbies standing in the foreground. Two women march towards camera, smiling, with their arms swinging by their sides.

A group of four women are dressed in tennis whites with skirts that come below the knee. They shake hands over the net as if after a game of women's doubles. Dark shot of a cat walking on a path with a man dressed in tennis whites in the background.

Shots of an unidentified town - streets with motor and horse-drawn traffic going past shops. Grainy shot of the harbour of a seaside town with white gulls. Sailing ships with tall masts are moored in the harbour. A pair of cart or shire horse pull a wagon carrying a large log. They are followed by a second wagon pulled by a single horse.

A group sit on the lawn outside a large country house on cushions and in deckchairs. There are table with table cloths and food on. A rowing eight with cox moves along a river. People relax by the river bank and in punts watching a rowing race. Spectators wear hats and some hold parasols. A number of rowing teams pass. A group sits under the shade of a tree with a picnic. Quite dark shots of a group of chaps and girls sitting on the ground. Another group sit in wicker furniture for tea on the lawn. They smile at the camera.

A group of older men and women sit in deckchairs outside a large house. One woman has a small dog on her lap which she stands up on its hind legs to look at the camera. A chap sits and smokes a pipe. Back at the grass tennis courts - various shots of men and women wearing whites - also a few spectators at the edges watching the serving and hitting the ball over the net. A group of four women sit in directors style chairs and chat. Close up of one as she smiles for the camera. Jump cuts of a woman serving a tennis ball across the net four times. More standing about and chatting, holding tennis racquets and balls. Close up of a man wearing collar and tie, and then a woman, smiling for the camera. A woman dressed all in white walks towards the camera. One girl larks about in the background making tennis poses with her racquet on one side of the court. More people shots - chatting and smiling at the camera.

A game of ladies doubles. At one end of the tennis court a girl serves twice, followed by a short rally, before she runs to the side to retrieve a ball. At the other end of the court another woman serves. More shots of the girls in action on both sides of the court. Close up of a couple of the girls smiling for the camera. A chap wearing a cricket style jumper smokes a pipe and also grins, then a second with white open necked shirt.

A couple walk a dog across a piece of open land with a church in the background. A group of seagulls walk and flap on a cliff edge. In the background can be seen a light house and cluster of rocks - possibly longships lighthouse at Lands End, Cornwall? The gulls peck at a smaller black bird. A group sit picnicking on the cliff top and throw food for the gulls. Close up of a gull with the sea glistening in the background. Shot of the lighthouse and rocks around it. Close up of two of the women wearing cloche hats.

Shot of a harbour with the tide in, boats bobbing on the water. Panning shot of the quayside of what is probably St. Ives. Wider shot of the same harbour from higher up. A group of five sit on folding chairs and picnic. Images of cliffs with outcrops of rocks and waves breaking on sandy beaches below. A woman tips the unwanted contents of a teapot (?) onto the ground and cleans out the dregs with a dish mop. The other picnickers tidy and fold things up.

View of a coastal town. A large hotel in the bay. A group sit on the rocky beach complete with checked table cloth and picnic hamper. They eat and smile at the camera. At another picnic the group sit perched on folding stools around a low table.

A car drives along a small road and then winds up into the hills. View of a bay from a cliff top, with a large hotel or similar building near the beach. A flock of seagulls fly up into the air as waves crash on the sand. Pedestrians walk down a cobbled shopping street. View of a turreted square tower with a flag hoisted on top, which is let down.

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