Film: 6039

Social History | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Princess Margaret reviews Essex Girl Guides and Brownies at a County Rally.

Titles. Large lawn with crowds of people standing at far end. Close up of Girl Guide leaders, sitting in a row watching attentively. Close up of royal car pulling up outside grand building decorated with Union Jacks. Close up of Union Jack flying at full mast against a clear sky, with another flag at full mast behind. Princess Margaret, in uniform, gets out of the car; she is in her twenties; she is saluted and greeted by waiting dignitaries. View of the gathered crowds, looking and pointing. Princess Margaret stands on a platform between two huge columns (on the outside of the building); she is flanked by two female Guide leaders in uniform. Close up of the three. Girl Guides in uniform march past Princess Margaret. She salutes. Girl Guides in different uniform march past. View of the march past with the girls walking away from the camera, and Princess Margaret and the dignitaries beyond. Close up of the marching girls. More distant shot of the march past, with on-lookers watching from the grass.

Titles: 'Brownies show what they can do!' A large lawn, with many, many girls in light-coloured dresses, dancing in formation. Princess Margaret and dignitaries sit on a raised platform watching the display; crowds stand either side. Another shot of the girls dancing. Close up of the Princess, looking down. Close up of a large 'human' 12-legged cow, led around the grass by two girls in bear-skins and carrying sticks; the crowd looks on.

Titles: 'To keep fit is a Brownie rule'. girls in shorts and tops stand in line in teams, throwing balls back over their heads, and then back between their legs, to the girl behind in line. Girls in Brownie uniforms walk in pairs, arm in arm, in a circle around a huge toadstool (?); the crowd watches. Close up of Princess Margaret walking, surrounded by people.

Titles: 'The model camp is most interesting'. Princess Margaret looks at the tents in the model camp, chatting to the guides as she looks around. Close up of camp cooking equipment, saucepans etc, on the grass; Princess Margaret smiles as she looks down at it. Close up of side view of Princess Margaret as she chats to a guide and a guide leader.

Titles: 'Princess Margaret presents cups and trophies'. Close up of a guide in uniform in a wheelchair being pushed forward; a guide in uniform crutches along beside her; the crowd applaud as they go forward to Princess Margaret. The Princess presents a large silver trophy to the guide in the wheelchair, as the uniformed crowd looks on. Close up of the girl and the cup.

Titles: 'Camp fire songs conclude a really 'Royal Day' '. A large fire of tree trunks/branches burns in the middle of the grass, roped off; the crowd watches. Princess Margaret sits casually on a tree stump, with guide leaders sitting on the ground beside her; guides have gathered around to watch; the Princess holds open a large book on her lap. A man, in scout uniform, conducts singing animatedly; the crowd sings. Close up of Brownies singing. View of the crowd beyond the blazing fire.

Princess Margaret stands as the Guide leaders and dignitaries around her wave to the (unseen) crowd; the Princess salutes. The Brownies wave back. Princess Margaret and the officials around her make some sort of hand sign, raising their arm and clicking (?) their fingers. Close up of the Princess, smiling, surrounded by Guides. Titles: 'The End'.

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