Film: 604

Railways | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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An experiment in slow speed camera work by director Don Smith - London to Brighton in four minutes 1950's

This journey on the 'Brighton Belle' from Victoria to Brighton is photographed at 2fps; at the normal projection speed of 24fps, a speed of 60mph becomes 720mph on the screen and 70mph is 840mph. An impression of travel at approximately the speed of sounds is obtained, with clear record of the topographical features of the country between London and the Sussex coast.

Cut aways to driver cover the sections the cameraman missed reload the film stock into the camera.

In addition, there are glimpses of the traffic on adjacent lines which includes a flash of steam now and then. To simulate the sound of a high speed run, a recording of a jet aircraft engine was used, mixed with bursts of clapping from a large audience to give the effect of the train passing through platforms and under bridges and tunnels! This simple device sounds unlikely but is in fact extremely effective.

Go slow on the Brighton line, London - Brighton in four minutes.
A "phantom ride" from the cab of a train travelling from London Victoria to Brighton. Driver's eye view of the speeded up journey as the train passes through the countryside. The commentary describes the route and the junctions that are passed. Good views of the tracks, passing through tunnels and under bridges, through stations, past other trains and also shots of the driver.
At the end of the journey the train comes to an abrupt halt at the buffers in the station.
The station clock is seen at the beginning and end of the journey.

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