Film: 6046

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Jukebox film which is amazing!!! For Bass Charrington brewers.

Sales pitch towards publican to have a jukebox in their pub. The encouragement is a crazy hippy chick in a mini skirt and blue eye shadow! Sexist and women used as sex objects. A short documentary film which is dedicated to showing the viewer how machines which are designed to entertain for instance fruit machines and juke boxes can boost trade by creating a good atmosphere. Opening scene is of a woman dancing, credits appear. The narrator introduces the woman and himself. The woman, Cathy is speaking on the telephone whilst laid out on the sofa, close up shot of her bare legs and skirt riding up to reveal hot pants. Cathy is addicted to flirting and flirts at every opportunity, after all, it is her job in this movie and she does it very nicely! The narrator introduces another character, close up of the publican, Bob. Close up shot of another character, Charles who is Cathy's finacee. Charles and Cathy enter the pub named The Master Gunner, possibly in Wales. They find that the jukebox is broken as well as the fruit machine. We see the characters speaking to each other but cannot hear them as the narrator who is speaking in third person tells the conversation. A disappointed Cathy phones for a repair man to fix the machines immediately, as she is speaking on the telephone the camera views her from bottom half upwards. A man removes his tool box from his car, his back faces the camera, the narrator describes the harshness of being a service man. The repair man enters the pub, Cathy, Charles and Bob stand at the bar. Cathy walks towards the engineer, close up of the engineer's face. He approaches the fruit machine and begins to fix the machine. Close up of Bob. The narrator states the many talents of a repair man. Close up of parts of the machinery, close up of the engineer fixing a part, Cathy sits next to him and flirts, close up of Bob. The service engineer finishes off the job. Charles and Bob stand by the juke box. The repair man writes, leaning on the bar, Cathy speaks to him, close up of their faces. Camera turns back to Bob and Charles, service engineer walks over to them and shows the how to operate the music box. Cathy again laying on the sofa, rolling about a bit and feeling herself, at home, speaking on the telephone. Bob, Charles, the service man and another man, who the narrator has not introduced stand around the music box, filmed from behind, Cathy walks towards them and dances, one man puts his hand on her bottom / bum. Cathy at home speaking on the phone, talking about the juke box. Cathy dusts the fruit machine. Bob and Charles talk at the bar. Bob walks over to Cathy and finishes off the cleaning. Close up of Cathy and Charles embracing. Cathy plays on the fruit machine and wins some money. She plays a song on the juke box and dances with the men along to the jukebox, having a good time. The narrator speaks of how such equipment can improve business. Cathy sits on a table counting the money that she has taken.

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