Film: 6047

History | 1960 | Sound | Colour + B/W


Arms race before the First World War or World War One.
Stills of Victorians and Victorian industry. More stills. Moving image of workers leaving factory around 1900 - bicycle appears to knock boy over. Testing big guns at Vickers Armstrong factory which has good heavy industry and a royal visit in 1910 to Sheffield by King Edward VII. British sailors stage mock invasion of Whale island. Smelting scenes. Dreadnoughts afloat. Ship building and ship launch. German top brass and official walk past new ship. Industrial hammer smashes what appears to a huge bolt. Huge metal cutting machines and a lathe. Several shots of huge artillery guns firing on land. More smelting scenes. More metal work factory shots. Workers leaving factory circa WW1. Men using machines to insert rivets on a ship (circa 1920s) Large artillery gun barrels being made. One turns on a lathe. Test firing new cannon.
Interestingly, a German commentary which could be seen as military build up pre World War One

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