Film: 6049

Politics | 1960 | Sound | B/W


A short film, telling of how Israel celebrated Independence Day in 1962. On ocassion, the image is too dark to be able to make out what is happening on screen. However, a nice little film to watch.

David Zvi, Israel's President, hands a soldier his certificate of merit, watched by three other soldiers awaiting their turn. The soldier is is uniform and clean shaven, as he chats to the President, who wears glasses and has white hair; the man next to him is very serious in posture. Also in line is a man who has an eye patch, he talks to Ben Zvi as his friends look on. Zvi introduces his wife to the man and he shakes her hand, bowing at the same time; she is short with thick jet black hair and glasses. Another soldier is shown to be seated because he has a broken foot; his crutches are behind him. Outside the barracks where the certificates are presented, the soldiers begin to file out, with the man on crutches hobbling as he goes. Female soldiers are also presented with certificates. These women in uniform wait in a group. There are two groups with four columns in each, Ben Zvi and his wife are seated in the middle. There is a flash.

A convoy of cars is driving down a road with grass and flowers on either side. Standing in uniform, members of the diplomatic core, stand to attention as the President walks past. This woman looks proudly on as her President walks past.

Through a gateway walk two men, one is black and dressed in a suit with a top hat, another is in a military uniform; they walk past two soldiers who salute them as they enter the building.

Inside, members the U.S.S.R. delegation, stand together and one extends his ' wishes' to Israel. Ben Zvi replies and has his colleagues behind him. Standing in the room, the diplomats have formed lines that form a square. Their hats sit on a table, upside down. A flash.

By a flag pole which has the Israeli flag flying from it, stands a group of people at a reception held by the Mayor of Tel Aviv. Some are sitting down, dressed in white uniforms, with two girls watching them. Drinks are served by waiter on trays. Within the bustle, a man and woman share a joke, watched by another more serious couple. There are black faces in the crowd, these two men look quite tough in their suits. Greek, or possibly Russian Orthodox priests mingle at the party. The mayor stands on a platform and gives a speech. The flash.

Standing behind a board, Prime Minister Ben Gurion, addresses the nation in Hebrew. Close up of his face as the commentator translates.

In a candlelit synagogue, a congregation gathers. The rabbi, has his prayer shawl and hat on and rocks back and forth as he prays. An elderly Hassidic (orthodox) Jew, with a long white beard, listens to the service. An elderly woman has her head covered and watches.

A soldier stands next to a raised bowl where a flame flickers in the breeze. On three flag poles are flags, two of which are the Israeli flag. Rooftops over the whole area have the Israeli flag flying. This building stands dominantly in the skyline. A bus stops in the middle of the street. Behind and either side, so does all the traffic on the road, as the siren that has been going stops. People of all ages stand on the pavement and remember those who sacrificed their lives for Israel.

On a platform, officals stand above a crowd of people. A band plays. Old soldiers, stand in white shirts and berets, remembering their fallen friends. The President inspects them. Current soldiers also stand to attention, with their guns by their sides. At the airport, they stand next to an Israeli flag flying in the wind and celebrate the birth of Israel. Some of the officials present are seated.

At the foot of a column, wreaths are laid by officers to remember the dead. A couple dressed in black are escorted by two soldiers, one on either side. A soldier stands and reflects on the meaning of today. Watched by civilians, some orthodox, some not and military personnel, an offiical lays a wreath. He is middle aged, and probably remembers the fighting well.

Women weep at the graveside of their loved ones. An elderly woman stands solemly next to a soldier. One wipes her tears. Another cries uncontrollably, in a crowd of people. One mother hunches over a grave. A man with dark glasses stands behind her. In the edge of a flowerbed, a woman sits. She is old, has her head covered and is bent over. In her hand is a picture of a young man, her son, or possibly, even her husband. This woman is walking to the top of a hill, past tall, green trees. She reaches a grave and stands over it.

An image of a burnt out house (picture is very dark at this point, so hard to tell). On either side of a road are burnt out jeeps, lying abandoned. Another destroyed image (again hard to see). A stone lies on a hillside with the date 12.5.1945 on it, has a wreath on and a burnt out jeep by its side. A flag is raised by an offical.

Dark descends on Israel and the sky is lit up by lights. An officer salutes. A flame burning, provides a centrepiece for a ceremony. Soldiers with guns on their shoulders walk past. Above tall trees, flashes signal the firing of guns to celebrate the country's fourteenth anniversary. Fireworks go off and light up the sky. Close up of exploding fireworks. Some explode and come down like rain. A Catherine Wheel spins round. The night sky is ocassionally lit up by diplays happening all over the country.

People mingle in the streets. A band plays, with a trumpet and accordian player. Citizens dance. Folk dancers perform on a stage. This girl is in costume, with pigtails and a white blouse on. Others sing and are cheered by the audience. Some perform energetic dances. A bald man walks round the crowd. He gives a speech. This young child can't believe the celebrations. Some children join in the dancing. They hold hands and dance in a circle. Others prefer to be more free and dance alone. Men and woman also dance in circles. They see lights as they dance. Everyone is having fun.

In a dance hall, two elderly men dance together. Close up of them. With a boy on his head, a young soldier claps his hands. A girl dances. You can get dizzy if you twirl round the lights. Even officers join the celebrations. All over Israel people are celebrating.

However, some, like this small child are wrapped tightly in blankets and waiting for the parade tomorrow. Two men carry a bench over their heads, finally putting it down. This man has brought his own chair and walks past some railings. Three men sit on the bench and await daybreak. A dog has been brought for protection. Someone sleeps in a blanket.

A sign revolves, lit up with the number 14 on. A fountain is lit in the darkness. It is the centrepiece of a circle arena.

Next day, motorbikes drive through the streets, with cars behind. The crowds are sitting on tiered seating and wave at the troops passing by. The various divisions stand in their groups, with their guns and uniforms clean and the Israeli flag up a mast. Onto a platform walks Ben Gurioni and he shakes the hand of a visitor. Here for the parade is Frank Sinatra. A black man sits and watches. The parade begins with two groups of soldiers walking towards one another. One from each group puts down a flag pole. The Israeli flag unravels from both and moves in the breeze. A black boy sits on his mother's lap and looks up at the sky. Two helicopters fly past with bunting and the flag attached to them.

In jeeps, soldiers march past, '..the Prime Minister, Chief of Staff and the visiting President of Gabon (Central Africa)'. Large convoys drive through the streets. Each jeep has three soldiers in it. Planes fly overhead. Tanks roll through the street. They pass the crowds who watch quietly. Other machines drive past. It has begun to rain. These people have wisely brought their umbrellas. However, half a million people stay and watch. The show goes on. Two boys use a bench they have been sitting on to shelter from the rain. Heavy guns are pulled by trucks with soldiers in. Tanks slowly go by. Jeeps with military personnel drive past. The audience claps. A group of drummers walk past. Soldiers parade down the street where it has stopped raining. Close up of their marching feet. The men walk in long columns. Some wear helmets. Some carry guns and at last the female soldiers begin to walk down the street. Two Arabs watch the procceedings. Having taken a picture, with his camera, a man now sits down in the crowd. The female soldiers walk past. They chant as they walk. Then the navy appear, dressed in uniform. They have white trousers, shirt and beret on and black shoes. The shirts are tight and short sleeved. They are clapped by the crowd. Airforce pilots walk past holding flags. Palne fly over. Four aircraft are in formation. Over the top of Israeli flags they fly. A young child giggles. There are four groups of planes, each with four planes in.

The night sky, with lights from buildings. A band dresed in white march past the crowd. Groups of children hold hands and walk past spectators. A row of girls danced down the street. Men and woman dance together. They glide past. A couple smile as they dance. Celebrations will go on into the night.

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