Film: 6057

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1930 | Sound | B/W


"Europe's Powder Keg" - Spanish rebellion. Franco's rebel forces. People flee their homes. Spanish Civil War. 1930's
"Worst London cloudburst in 27 years" - floods in London due to torrential rain. People paddle down streets through the water.
"In the U.S. - Storms and floods Render Thousands Homeless" - scenes of cars and houses submerged. People rescued by boat.
"George VI Reviews Grand Fleet" - monarch reviews marine parade of British fleet.
"Texas Horror!" - 450 die after explosion at a school. Rescuers work to uncover bodies. Building demolished.
"U.S. Labor Strikes" - sit down labour war. Industrial production halted. Protests and pickets. Men walk down the street carrying placards.
"Rockefeller" - dies at the age of 97.
"Amelia Earhart Lost!" - aviator vanishes on round world flight attempt.
"London to New York in 24 Hours" - 'Clipper Ship' aircraft does transatlantic crossing - sea plane. Four engines on top of aircraft - probably an Martin 130.
"Soviet Flyers with New Air Laurels" - breaking of world distance record for non-stop flight.
"Black to U.S. Supreme Court" - Roosevelt appoints Justice Black (self-confessed ex-Klansman) to bench.
"77 Million Dollar Bridge Opens" - world's largest span links Golden Gate City and East Bay.
"Mussolini visits Hitler in Germany" - crowds in Berlin cheer for the dictators.
"Japan Invades China!" - air raids over Shanghai and Nanking. People flee. Crash landing of Japanese aircraft.
"In the hands of these five men rests the destiny of the world" - Japan's Mikado(?), Russia's Stalin, Germany's Hitler, Italy's Mussolini, United States' President Roosevelt. "May they be wise, tolerant and sane - so that peace on earth and good will toward men will reign for years to come."

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