Film: 6060

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


World War Two German production 1940's, not really munitions but could for them. Extremely boring industrial film explaining that it is reasonable to replace or repair broken parts of machines, and to store spare parts in order to increase productivity.

'May this film serve the worker at his work, the companies to increase their performance, the nation to increase its productivity.'
Gearwheels, a worker. Worker using a screwing machine. 'Continuously man fights against time. Machines help. But they can break.' The machine breaks. The worker shakes his head, takes the damaged part and leaves. He takes a new part out of a drawer. A room with many drawers. 'To avoid deficiency in productivity, you have to store spare parts.' A worker puts spare parts in two drawers. A machine in operation is sprinkled, to avoid a breakdown. A worker maintains a machine. Some machines in operation break. 'A breakdown always can happen.' Some benches with signs. Workers placing the broken parts into the corresponding areas. Three employees with glasses examine the broken parts. The employees point with a pen at where the parts broke and explain why they broke (failure of material, too fast rotation, mistake of the worker). The employees talk to each other about the broken parts, to avoid the same breakdown in the future. The broken parts. What is more reasonable: to repair or to replace? A worker repairs a bar. He cleans the spot where the bar is broken, then welds the parts. Afterwards he files and grinds the bar. He repairs the machine. Shelves with spare parts: 'It is also possible to replace the parts.' A list of the stored spare parts. A worker takes a bar and repairs a machine. Men sorting spare parts into the drawers. A store, 'Tool Salvage': Here all the broken parts are stored. Images of shelves, passages, drawers in the store. Those parts can be repaired and used later on. Workers in the store. They have a list and look for the corresponding tool to give it to the workers. All the possibilities of the stores have to be used before new parts are ordered. Some repaired gearwheels. A broken piece of steel is transformed into a gearwheel: First it is ground to the right size. Then the cogs are milled. It is filed, cleaned and ground, and then used as a spare part. Some more examples of recycling broken parts. A gearwheel is welded and used again. Some more gearwheels are welded and used again. Broken parts of a bar are cut, ground and used as different spare parts. Workers using complex looking machines. 'Time is an important factor of production. Time can be spared by repairing and replacing tools efficiently.' Some machines in production that don't break.

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