Film: 6068

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


German soldiers fighting on the Russian front. 1940's Flames-throwers advancing. German cannons firing. German soldiers advancing swiftly. Stukas planes diving. Bomb explosions on the ground. A aerial view of the bombed ground. Russian cannons firing.

A German cannon firing. Two German soldiers digging in a battlefield. The ruins of a destroyed bunker. Polish officers and German officers meet in a road. German soldiers are watching. German soldiers in Warsaw. The German Army passing through Warsaw. The German military band. German soldiers distributing food to the Polish. Men hauling pieces of bread from the back of a lorry. German soldiers marching. A close-up of Hitler's face. Hitler and other generals assisting at an army parade. Close-up of a cannon. German soldiers. Hitler standing in a car is driven through a huge cheering crowd. Hitler making a speech in front of a huge crowd. Banners and Nazi flags. A close-up of Hitler's face. Hitler stretches his arm in the Nazi salute, cheered by the crowd. An aerial view of the huge mass of people.

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