Film: 6071

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Travelogue of Peru, Argentina and Brasil presented with intertitles 1940's

Title: The Land of the Incas
South American Vista
River, snow-capped mountains in the back.
Intertitle: Peru
Woman in traditional dress takes water from the river. Woman and daughter cross a bridge. Steps with lots of people selling wares (very dark).

Intertitle: High in the Cordilleras Mountains.
Herders ride mules that carry burdens. Train to Machu Picchu with (sign FCS). Point of view from the train: mountains.
Train arriving to the station of Aguas Calientes: people selling arts and crafts to travellers arriving on the train.

Mountain: El Misti, a volcano in Arequipa, Peru
Intertitle: Shrine of La Compania
Cathedral church in Arequipa, very tall palm trees in the central square.

Intertitle: Historic Inca Ruin near Cuzco
Pan of the Inka ruins of Sacsahuaman (Sacsayhuaman). Shot of one of Sacsahuaman's walls were you can notice the big blocks of limestone put together.
Machu Picchu (Macchu Picchu) ruins: view of mountains from the inside of the room of Three Windows ( trapezoidal windows). Trapezoidal stone doorway (door of the Amarus). Inca steps. View of the mountains.
General view of small town with mountains in the background.

Llamas for transportation, milk and wool.
Llamas. Men in traditional clothes loading burdens on llamas. Very good shots of llamas ( and probably alpacas) walking. Shot of llamas people walking up a typical street of Cuzco. Street in Cusco with steps and people walking down the steps.
People gathering underneath a big tree, houses in the background.

Intertitle: Incas descendants.
Quechua women in traditional clothes in a marketplace. Woman spinning wool, Adobe (mud bricks) houses behind her. CU woman. Four Quechua village men with traditional clothes (ponchos, hats and knee high pants) , holding special Quechua ceremonial canes. CU of one of the men. Young woman carrying baby on her back.

Intertitle: "Bull Fight" Dance
Musicians in front of church play various instruments [quenas (flutes), drums]. Dancers holding a "bull's head" with wearing masks. Other dancers holding a cape and dressed like bullfighters.

Intertitle: Mysterious, romantic, land of the Incas.
Valley, cacti plants.
Shot from a low plane, view of the mountains.

Intertitle: Buenos Aires
Square with a monument in the centre. Monument. CU and tilt down of monument. Street scene. Bus passing by and traffic warden.

Man milking cow and then giving a man a glass of milk. Two men and two women dancing. Women in long white dress and men dressed as Gauchos. CU of feet.

Intertitle: Mate, the Argentine Tea.
Woman preparing the mate in the typical way. Man holding on to a sheep, woman in long white dress sitting down. Other women with hair bands serving preparing their tea and drinking it.

Intertitle: Rio de Janeiro.
"Pan de Azucar" (Sugar Loaf) mountain. Big ship on bay (Tanker?). Pedestrian street with some people passing by. Pavement with elaborated titles. Very busy street (men with boater hats walking). Man playing with monkey.

Intertitle: Its well-known Jockey Club
Exterior Jockey Club building. Horse racing from the tribune (people watching from side of track and from the seats).

Intertitle: The Butterfly industry
Two men catching butterflies with nets. CU butterflies. Butterflies set on a display box.

Intertitle: Copacabana Beach.
(Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
General view of buildings and beach (people bathing). Pan from the veranda to the beach full of bathers.
Intertitle: To the Top of Sugar Loaf Mountain.
(Pan de Azucar)
Tram car arrives to the top of the Sugar Loaf. Views from the tram. General view of Pan de Azucar (Sugar Loaf).

The End

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