Film: 6072

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Nigeria, West Africa 1950's
North Tin Mining. Open cast mining with much of the work done by hand. Ground nuts, called ground nuts because they grow on and below the earth. Natives work their own small plots. All the family help. Sowing is done with the feet. Harvesting. threshing the nuts removes chaff and pounding in mortars is done to separate the husks. Winnowing leaves clean nuts. Kano, chief market town of the north. All sorts of people and goods head to the town for the November market where most goods are sold and bought. However before buying it is necessary to sell one's own produce to the merchant at a price fixed by the government. the farmer now has money although his needs are simple, he just buys matches and soap. It is also the time to get a haircut and visit the races. Meanwhile the sacks of ground nuts are loaded onto a train (steam) from the long journey to the South coast. Cocoa beans. Cocoa trees are evergreen. Harvesting shown. Beans removed from shell palm oil and palm kernels. Oil Palms grow wild in the forest. Pickers are skilled climbers who shin up the tall trunks using a looped rope. Single fruit heads can weigh 60 lbs. Palm fruits are chopped from the head and boiled to extract the oil which is used in cooking and for making soap. Kernels are exported as a special oil extraction process is used. A ship is loaded by crane with products from Nigeria. Lagos, capital and port.

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