Film: 6073

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Germany 1930s. Amateur home movie.
Aboard a train we travel across Germany to the River Rhine and then take a trip on a paddle steamer. Coal barges pulled by a steam tug pass by in the opposite direction. On the bank is a remarkable patchwork of terraced vineyards. fairy-tale castles and riverbank houses and inns. various steamboats are seen as well as a number of steam locomotives hauling both goods and passenger trains at speed are seen on the railway that follows the course of the river. A main road on the bank is used by lorries and cars which date from the 1920s. Bathers on a beach are dressed in 1920s style swimming attire. Incredible shot of a Zeppelin airship which is photographed from high up, presumably in the mountains looking down upon the airship in the distance. it is possible that the airship is actually a Graf-Zeppelin. Ride in a taxi around a German town with scenes of trams and vintage coaches parked outside a massive cathedral (Cologne or Koln). During this trip, we pass a building bedecked with "Swastika" banners. The sinister implications of this decorative regalia was of course not known when this film was shot. The trip back to Britain by steamer with scenes of lightships and a dredger.

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