Film: 6074

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Austria and Berlin after the war but before the wall 1940's
Evidently amateur home movie footage shot by an ex-serviceman, covering places that have special significance for him.
Salzburg, Austria. Mozart's birthplace. Street scenes in Austria with a river and surrounding hills.
Journey by steam train to a huge Russian war memorial in Berlin. Scenes in Berlin with war damaged buildings (very good) including Reichstag. Sign declares "You are now leaving the British Sector". Another memorial with wreaths.
Snow covered countryside and railway station scenes, SouthernGermany or Austria. Further scenes taken aboard a train amid mountain grandeur. Station at Badgastein in Austria.
Beautiful cathedral and other noteworthy buildings - Vienna with Russian troops Military band and march-past - evidently a ceremony of some importance, French flag replaced with Soviet flag.. Austria and more memorials and buildings of interest. Rooftop scenes showing a variety of tiled roofs. Mountain railway scenes (steep incline). A flat roofed building advertises "More Hummel More".
Dockyard scenes with giant cranes. Possibly Hamburg?
There are some splendid scenic views in this film as well as a marvellous shot which is taken leaning out of a carriage window showing the full length of a train (not steam) Another shot of a white-haired US serviceman, evidently known to the cameraman, is a clue to the purpose of the trip.

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