Film: 6076

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Unique little film which utilises a misunderstanding to show us the sights of Brighton. 1970's Mr Wayman is an antique shop owner and owing to circumstances he asks his son and niece to look after his shop for him. Mr Brown is mistakenly given an expensive painting worth £500 instead of the correct picture which is worth only £14. The two teenagers then go in search of Mr Brown to retrieve the painting and in the process the visiting girl is shown some of the interesting aspects of the town. First we see 'The Lanes' which are narrow streets with antique shops etc. Next 'The Pier' and its facilities including the Amusement Arcade and a go on 'The Guillotine'. They then catch the train (narrow gauge) from the Aquarium Station, but lose Mr Brown again when he travels back on the return train. They then visit The Pavilion but after looking around inside they return to the shop. All ends well when Mr Brown indignantly returns the painting, which he considers of poor value for his £14 outlay. The youngsters are given pocket money by Mr Wayman and they return to the pier.

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