Film: 6079

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur Home Movies, including some Kodacolor Spain 1930's
Family have picnic by lake. Horse pulls cart through wooded area. Men chop down tree. Sheep graze. Buildings near edge of water. Rural town. Children gather round car in street. Donkey. Sheep and pigs. Stone houses in hillside village. Steep steps and cobbled roads. Family sit outside at table and drink red wine (?). Car drives precariously on twisty roads at an alarming downhill gradient. Terraced hillside with cultivated land. Grand villa. Priest with holy water blesses people - some kind of street festival (?). Walking through rocky terrain. Cliffs lead down to sea. Family walk down a road by a hotel. Musicians play in the street including a bagpipe type instrument. Narrow streets. Harbour or port town. Coastline from moving boat. Trams in busy town. Lots of pedestrians, flower seller. Cathedral - Barcelona? - Gaudi type architecture. People selling palms (like palm Sunday ones). Fortifications perhaps of old town, or fortress. Round castle-like turrets.

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