Film: 6100

Aviation | 1960 | Mute | B/W


An amateur movie of the partly restored Lancaster bomber aircraft, and the enthusiasts restoring it in Queensland 1960's

The side view of a partially restored Lancaster bomber aeroplane though the open doors a large aircraft hangar. Shadows of filmmaker. Detail of the Lancaster's left wing and wing propeller, as the plane is partly out of the hanger. Close-up of the left wing propeller. Close up of the landing wheel and tyre. Close up of the painted emblem on the side of the planes nose. "Spirit of Surfers Paradise. Sponsored by the City of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia" with a graphic of the globe and a route from Queensland to London. A shot of the aircraft from the front of the hangar from below and slightly to the left, showing the plane has been almost totally restored and now it is being painted. Concrete. Close up of the right landing gear of the plane. Close up of a right propeller and its engine. The fuselage and tail are shown. Close up of the round RAAF roundel. Square windows in the body of the aircraft. The perspex covered rear gunner section. View of the plane from the rear. A young man stands beside the air compressor, another stands on a ladder and takes the air lines up to the wing, another man stand sup high on the wing adjusting the top of the extending ladder, he wears an old pilots cap. The second young man carries the spray painting equipment up the ladder. The man on the wing brings up the air lines. A woman looks up from below. The two men at the top of the ladder take the paint equipment onto the wing. A close-up of the air compressor. The two men move about on top of he aircraft, the women and two others watch from below. The young man begins to spray the top of the aircraft. The young woman is at the top of the ladder, she climbs back down. The man in the cap continues to spray paint the top of the fuselage. The second man joins him. The second man joins him and throws off his cardigan. The girl catches it below. An older couple stand watching. A lorry, other vehicles and two light aircraft are at the airfield.

A young woman wearing her hair in two pony tails holds a baby on her knee, the baby looks about 4 months old, they are in a house by a window, seated in front of a television. Close up of the baby's face and the mother's face.

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