Film: 6102

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Amusing mock-up of Arabian Nights story starring chimpanzees - very well trained. Good early example of animal actors and in very good condition. 1920's

Intertitle: It was an evening in the Palace of a rich and powerful Caliph. Cut to Palace scene. Caliph sits on a raised throne surrounded by girls. Women dance around him. There are guards at the doorway and by the bed. Very opulent and grand. Close up on Caliph. It is a chimpanzee in elaborate costume and grown. A serving girl sits at this feet holding incense. A second chimp sits on a bed. A serving girl brings the Caliph a tray of bananas. The chimp takes one and peels it. Second chimp plays a clarinet. Caliph chimp uses a toothpick (close up) Long shot of whole scene with dancing girls. Caliph drinks from a tankard or jug.
Intertitle: But the Caliph was bored to death.
Chimp yawns, sticking its tongue right out. Caliph on throne. Two girls kneeling beside him. Punkah Wallahs either side, serving boy in a loin cloth and turban presents Caliph with a broom. Chimp attacks the dancing girls with the broom handle. They scatter.
Intertitle: Until one day-
Serving girl bows before Caliph. She says "Your majesty, Fatima herself has come to dance for you."
Two serving boys open the curtains of a carrying carriage. There is a chimp inside dressed as a belly dancer and wearing a veil. Close up on Fatima Chimp's face. Fatima prostrates herself before the Caliph. Caliph claps. Fatima does a mad dance (speeded up?). Caliph applauds. Fatima belly dances - very funny. Chimp on floor plays clarinet and hops on one foot. Caliph drags Fatima onto his throne. They kiss. The End.

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