Film: 6108

Politics | 1950 | Sound | B/W


January 8 1959 Fidel Castro Enters Havana

Fidel Castro and his 'barbudos' (bearded ones) swept magnificently into Havana, Cuba on January 8 1959, addressing a huge rally.
Sierra Maestra Mountains (rugged mountain range), SE Cuba, where Castro began his campaign in December 1956. Men with rifles climbing and descending the mountain. The commentary says that the rebel forces were very few.
Castro in the Sierra. The commentary tells us that Castro led an example to his followers by letting his beard grow during the three years campaign in the mountains.
Peasant and students surrounding him. Castro talking.


Fidel Castro smoking a cigar, sitting on a desk, writing. Commentary: Fidel Castro was a non practice lawyer… who began to fight Batista (Cuban dictator) in 1953… Castro and his follower decided to try and take over the Moncada military base on July 26… and it was the name given to the movement (the rebel forces were known as the 26th of July movement).
Castro with a rifle.
Aerial view of Havana. Celebrations. Castro, surrounded by guerrillas, entered the capital, emotion reached incalculable heights. Banners and flags hung from almost every building in Havana.
Castro addressing the thousands of people who surrounded the Presidential Palace (with actual sound of his speech).
Castro speech (translated): "The ones who thought that after our military victory… we were going to be squashed by the media… they have found that The Cuban Revolution knows how to fight this battle as well…
Cheers and clapping.

Castro gave a short, but emotional speech. He
closed by raising his right hand, and lowering his
voice. The multitude quieted. In a dramatic
voice he asked Cubans to open a path for him to
walk through. He would show the world, he said,
how disciplined Cubans were. As he moved toward
the palace's exit, the people, as if enchanted,
opened a path for the Maximum Leader ... . This
act impressed everyone who saw the event. For
customarily emotional, undisciplined Cubans, it
was unprecedented. 6/

Castro’s belief in a revolt by the people as being Cuba’s best way to introduce a government that will actually bring "popular will and true justice" to Cubans

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