Film: 6111

Aviation | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Berlin Airlift, Germany. In colour 1940's

Transport plane sits on runway at Rhein-Main airport in West Germany. Air stewardess outside main building announces its arrival. (in English)

Var shots of cargo planes, Sky Ambassadors being filled with boxes and transferred by tractors by both American airmen and refugees from labour camps. Pilot looking at map.
2'03 in, planes, Douglas C-54 are lining up to take off I/c with air traffic control.

V/o planes are arriving at Berlin 3 a minute.
Plane approaches Templehof airport, Berlin as seen from ground there are many derelict buildings and rubble.
Shots of army trucks taking packages off from planes. Barrels of oil also unloaded. Some Lithuanians and Poles are on truck - ready to help.
Crew get snack from mobile snack bar that is on lorry - they can't leave airport as they are in the Russian sector.

Pilots prepare to fly back to Frankfurt. More shots of packages being unloaded.

4'49 in American woman in uniform stands by table with boxes gives some out to German women who take the boxes off on buggies

5'25 in vars ruined buildings in Berlin. Trav shot of Russian war memorial next to burnt out Reichstag building. Trav s of Brandenberg Gate.
5'54" More shots derelict buildings in Berlin, with people trying to tidy up bricks and get them to be used for rebuilding. Children playing on old girders, plane flies overhead.
German children at Berlin airport with American crew, they get on plane then cs of plane taking off and returning to Frankfurt with children watching.
7'37 Planes also take passengers out of Eastern sector to West Germany, cut to control tower and shots of passengers on board plane.
Radar antennae and controllers at desks with headphones speaking to pilots.
8'52 pov shot of plane landing back at Rgein-Main airport; pilots and crew and passengers leaving plane.
Ms plane taking off at sunset with v/o that these planes are working for democracy.

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