Film: 6112

Personalities | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Stalin - biopic of Soviet leader after his death in 1953.

Death of Josef Stalin on 5 March 1953. Close up of Stalin in army uniform waving. Standing alongside a soldier, looking stern. Smiling and smoking a pipe. Still of Lenin getting off a train and being greeted by a crowd of people. B/W illustration of Stalin alongside Lenin while he is giving a speech to workers. A strategy meeting where Stalin is pointing something out to Lenin. Lenin standing over a map with Trotsky in the background. Lenin speaking to a soldier with Stalin alongside him as if his right hand man. (These are probably propaganda works made after the death of Lenin to associate Stalin with Lenin's cult of personality). Photograph of Stalin seated next to Lenin (may have been doctored). Copy of "Pravda" from 1924.

Stalin and Molotov. Stalin applauds one of his colleagues. A female communist politician whispers something in his ear. Applause from Soviet Nationals. Asiatic or soviets from southern regions sit alongside Stalin as he signs a paper. Stalin hands an autographed photograph to a young girl. Giving a speech. View of the auditorium at an opera. Shot of Nikita Khruschev applauding Stalin as he is about to give a speech. Walking with Winston Churchill. Seated alongside Roosevelt and Churchill. Harry S. Truman, Churchill and Stalin. Mao-Tse-Tung signs the treaty. Stalin stands behind him.

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Revolution. Huge banner shows the face of Stalin next to the face of Lenin. Stalin and the Soviet high command take the stage. Close up of Beria, former head of the NKVD and Molotov, believed to be Stalin's successor. A parade through Red Square.

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