Film: 6114

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


India, Asia 1940's
Muslims, Hindus on the river Ganges, probably at Varanasi, Benares , religious practises, people, Hindu funeral. Untouchables at lowly tasks, sweeping the streets with a hand brush. Markets and modernism. Indian aristocracy, princes. Political meeting about Independence. Gandhi and Nehru. Paddy fields. Women's colleges and industrial development. Mysore station and town, British domination as India is a colony. Paper mills. Hydro-electric power station. Population problems.
Indian soldiers marching in between two large model elephants. Young Indian children in white dress walk along pillars. Large historic building. Statue surrounded by Indian architecture. Close up of a statue of what looks to be an English King wearing a crown and a robe. Palace surrounded by gardens with a vast crowd of Indians gathering outside. Close up of the crowd all bowing in religious prayer. Zoomed out view of the crowd. Port by the sea bustling with Indian people all moving around. Close up of a shirtless Indian boy standing on the edge of steps next to the water. Indian man sitting on a stool next to a model of a giant camel as Indian passers by look on. Young Hindu men with long beards and hair sit opposite one another on the floor of a street. A shirtless man perched on the floor banging some pieces of wood whilst a hooded woman next to him on the floor watches on. Notice sign stating entry inside the temple with shoes or any kind of footwear is prohibited to highlight religious differences. Bearded Hindu man carrying a stick prays in the street. Priest in white robe passes small items to young men praying around him in a circle. Shirtless Indian children bathe in the sea and by the steps leading to the water. Shirtless children bathe in the sea and by the steps leading to the water. Shirtless boy washes his clothes in the water. White haired and bearded man washes his hair on the bottom step next to the water with a towel around his waist. Hindus in white dress dance along in a crowd some playing instruments such as beating a drum. Four moustached men with religious headwear carry a shrine to the Indian Elephant God Ganesh surrounded by crowds. An older man wearing a sweater reads a text on the steps near to the water. Skinny Hindu sits cross legged on a bridge overlooking the water and prays with hands clenched together and moved towards the sky from his body and then back again. Several Indian men conduct a Hindu funeral by laying a bandaged body wrapped in white material onto a raft made out of logs of wood by the water. A priest then speaks to the assembled men and sprinkles a substance onto the body. Smoke spreads from the pyre without the body on it. Sign saying no admission except highway Hindis to indicate the caste system. Indian woman walking with her baby walks slowly with her baby in a crowded corridor full of people outside what looks like accommodation. Untouchable children washing in the street. An untouchable woman sweeps the street beneath some cows as several Indian people go about their business. Indian man sweeps the street. Indian man and woman sweep the street together. Untouchable children hammer things into the ground in front of some tents constructed by wood. Ordinary Indian men in Indian dress walk the streets next to market stools selling produce. Crowded bustling Indian street with some woven baskets on their heads. Indian stool keeper empties produce into the bag of a customer. Indian seller weighs produce to sell to a customer. Indian men walk crowded streets past a cow. Indian men in religious dress sit on the floor of the street. Two men in religious dress sit on the floor at the same height as the standing Indian child with them. An Indian man in religious dress eats whilst another Indian man in ordinary dress waves a fan around. A cow chews in the street whilst people go about their normal business. Mass crowds gather around an Indian Palace. A Prince (middle aged, slightly large man with golden Indian dress) walks out of the Palace with a royal procession of men also wearing traditional Indian dress made of silk. Sign saying Long Live our Maharaja and a symbol. Prince stands aloft on a stage surrounded by his entourage. Procession of Indian soldiers walking through the streets in dark dress. Crowd of Indian men in white dress watch from a balcony. A carriage rolls out beneath a sign reading Long Live our Maharaja. Procession through the streets shown from a different angle with the same darkly dressed soldiers and carriage atop an elephant. Zoomed out view of Indians dressed in white. Zoomed in view of mass crowd dressed in white all squeezed together. Indian man dressed in white standing up in front of a table with a white tablecloth addresses the crowd. Page of a booklet entitled Indian Proposals. Page then turned to one reading Dominion Status after the War. Turned to the next page reading New Constitution after the War. Page turned to another reading Representatives in the war Cabinet and representatives at the Peace Conference. Mass crowd of white clad Indians raising their hands at once and putting them back down before raising them again all in synchronisation. An Indian man in white reads out from a text whilst on the shoulders of another as a flag flies near him. Indians with Indian headwear upwards. A priest throws some small objects over Indians dressed in white on the steps of a palace. A mass crowd of turbaned Indians stand holding poles aloft. Exterior shot of a house with a wooden roof and gate. Shot of Mahatma K Gandhi with his lower torso and arms bare dressed in white and with circular glasses with a woman in traditional Indian dress and a few other Indian men one of whom is shirtless and wearing similar glasses to Gandhi who walks along smiling. White dressed Indian men sitting on the floor. Nehru wearing a shirt and Indian headwear speaking into a microphone with one hand gesticulating and another on his hip speaking to an audience. Camera zooms out onto audience of Indians all in traditional Indian dress and some in headwear who all belong to the All India National Congress Party and a small number turn and look at the camera. Indian men in traditional white Indian dress and headware sit cross legged on the floor and one moustached and wearing glasses reads a newspaper. Members of the National Congress party sit at desks in rows all writing whilst listening to Nehru who is angrily gesticulating whilst he speaks in an attempt top rouse the Indian audience A young Indian man with combed hair and glasses frantically writes. A flag with the symbol of Islam blows in the wind. A large group of Indian men sit in a circle in chairs whilst one stands up. Camera zooms in on the leader of the All India Moslem League Mohamed Al Ajina who talks and gesticulates in one direction. Map of India with states highlights the states that Moslems predominate and that their leader wants to make a separate state out of. A sign across some bars reads Hindu Mahasabha (presidential office) and some Indian text. Mahasabha sitting cross legged on a bed, he is bald, wearing glasses and writing notes surrounded by three other Indian men . Camera zooms in on him whilst he speaks and holds his notes in one hand and gesticulates with the other. Zoomed out view of an area of Indian land with lots of trees and green. Plot of land with several cows walking across it and lots of trees. Three Indian men pick reeds out of the water. Zooms in on one of their hands doing this. Shows cow walking through ther muddy water and the men dragging some things behind them. Handwritten sign saying Cleanliness is 2nd to God. Indian street with women in traditional dress pulling ropes and cattle being walked down the street by their owner. Indian children and some men sitting in two rows cross legged on the floor in a room opposite one another one row with their backs against the wall and an adult man handing things to the opposite row swith several paintings on the wall behind him. Bearded man with white t shirt and hair tied behind his head sitting cross legged on the floor of the room eating food with his hands. Mass cowd and scramble s indians in white run away from a smaller group of Indians in black and those caught are hit by those in black with wooden sticks they are carrying. Women in traditional Indian dress walk into the brick entrance to a womans college. Zoomed in view of several more Indian women walking along to the entrance carrying books. Indian women sitting in rows of desks ina hall with notebooks in front of them being lectured to by a woman at the front. Close up of the girls in the front row looking up at her and then back down at theior notes as they write. The woman at the front weighs a baby on scales. Zooms in on an Indian woman watching attentively and then looking at her notes. English men reading whilst using a mechanical device. Two English workers in overalls both readin g the same note with puzzled expressions. Indian street filmed from behind as a vast throng walk forward many holding umbrellas. Barn with lots of produce in it and two Indian girls run it with baskets on their heads. Indian boy looking over some manual labour work. Another Indian boy with with dark traditional headwear watches some mechanical embroidery. Locomotiv sets off upon a track with steam billowing from its funnel. Indians with traditional headwearstanding in a crowd underneath a sign that says My Sore. Indian square with Indian people going about their everyday businesswith a horse drawn cart moving forwards and a tall Indian building in the background with a spike on the top of a dome at the top of the building. Another angle of the square with the same building in the background and a horse drawn carriage moving forwards with an indian man o a bicycle following behind. A similar square with some Indian architecture in the background with a statue underneath a dome with a spike on the top and several other buildings behind with flags waving on the top and some Indian people passing it. An Indian street with several dressed in white crowded on the pavement in front of a white building. An Indian man in white dress and headwear riding on the road on a bicycle and a horse drawn carriage following before another Indian man in white dress follows also cycling. A crowded room cluttered with tables and Indian men in smart dress including blazers forming a queue. Two Indian men in white dress and headwear looking at lots of rocks on three rows of shelves in front of them underneath a sign saying Atsore Minerals and their products. Several indian men in smart dress in a line all gaze at these rocks intensly whilst behiind them and with their backs to them another row of smartly dressed Indians gaze at another row of items whilst moving along. An Indian man in a suit and two women with two children behind them look at a model of a town with the man pointing at things . Indian men in white walk along a street in groups smiling with houses and trees behind them. Interior view of a factory with several presses and a few Indians in white checking them and walking around. Close up of an Indian young man in a white top adjusting a machine. Close up of another Indian young man turns a wheel attached to a machine to the right and then vigourously back to the left. Several Indian boys working at a destop moving piles of paper in front of them from one pile to another in a paper mill with other Indian boys and stacks of paper in the background. Four piles of opackages sealed with the label of Mysore paper Mills with two Indian hands adding a package to the top of two of the piles. View of british built dam surrounded by trees. View of a uniformed Indian Soldier with a gun at his side standing by the dam and marching towards the camera and then turning around and marching in the other direction. Big pipe of an irrigation system with an older Indian man dressed in white looking at it from a control station. A zoomed out view of the Dams taken from a field behind them. Zoomed out view of the open dam from the other side with lots of waterbeing released into the canals. Close up of water running theough an irrigation system. Two indians in dark indian dress and headwear walk in front of a sign that says Tandomastikhan Fall 1931 in front of an aquaduct. Irrigation system surrounded by bare land shown with water spilling through it. Shown again from a different angle so you see more of the bare land around it. A Indian street with houses and trees with Indian Children, Adults and Carriages passing through. Indian children sitting in rows of three and four at a table in a classroom to highlight the problem of overpopulation whilst being observed by an adulty in white dress. Close up of one of the Indian boys painting a square object attentively. Zoomed out view of a piece of land surrounded by buildings with lots of Indian people that can be seen crowded together. Close up of a street surrounded by trees and buildings and swarms of Indians in white packed together in two rows moving in opposite directions. Another angle of the end of one of the rows past the flanking buildings moving into an open square crowded to the same extent. A view from behind of a square packed with Indians wearing different colour headwear. Nehru on a podium talking to a crowd and gesturing to them with his fingers with the camera pointing towards him and Indian flags hung up on a line behind him. Three Indian men sitting cross legged on the floor and listening one with white headware and another bald with a moustache. Close up of a young Indian man with a turtleneck and a blazer gazing attentitively with others behind him and blinking. Zoomed out view of Indians walking down a road towards the camera with one holding an umbrella. Close up to the side of this group revealing an Indian girl to be underneath the umbrella as they continue to walk along. Close up of another group of four Indian women and one Indian man walking with one Indian woman holding an umbrella and the man at the front of the group flanked by two of the women.

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