Film: 6119

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Showing Canada to American viewers 1940's Includes scenes of industrial activity, (eg General motors of Canada, mining, factories) agricultural scenes, (sheep, ploughing, rural scenes, cattle, trees) French Canadian family life & Canadian political figures (prime minister William L Mackenzie King).

View of a city, factories, chimneys. Sea view. 3 ships out to sea, coastline in foreground. Map of Canada showing states, principle cities. Cars driving across Peace Bridge. Customs guard walking around side of car at border. Customs officer takes papers from man in car. View of street, child on bike on pavement, man walking down, lorries and cars parked on side of road, Drugs sign on shop. Suburban snowy scene, woman walking down pavement in front of middle class housing, soundtrack introducing Canada to an American audience. View of Ottowa, parliament buildings, river in foreground, view of tall clock tower of parliament buildings. 12 Important looking men, probably ministers sitting round round table, in centre William L Mackenzie King. William Mackenzie King sitting in large gothic chair. 3 men, 1 in uniform pointing at large map. Close up of 3 men pointing at large map, voice over explaining Canada's geographical problems. Soundtrack saying that some parts of Canada have closer economic ties with US states than with other parts of Canada. View of city. Canadian Pacific steam train 2422. Map highlighting western Canada, Victoria, Vancouver and Winnipeg shown with large arrow. Large tree being felled in forest. 7 Fishermen heaving net up, full of fish. Scene of Vancouver, soundtrack explaining success due to trade with the orient. View of Vancouver/Victoria with Puget Sound in background. View of inland city, possibly Alberta, people and cars on ground, large buildings in background. City centre view, tall buildings, cars and people, soundtrack talking about Alberta, Manitoba & Saskatchewan as being politically liberal and centres of free trade. Cattle on large farm being moved from pens, with cowhands. Cows crowded, trying to get out of pen. Large flat wheat field. Scene of large flock of sheep packed closely together, rounded up by dogs. Sheep farm. Large granary, soundtrack explaining Canada's depression in WWII. Wheat pouring through shoot into container on ship. Close up of wheat pouring through shoot, soundtrack talking about large surpluses due to overproduction. Thunder Bay, tall chimney with view of Montreal from across the river. View of dockside buildings, soundtrack mentions Canada dependent on foreign trade. Canadian Pacific train No 5495 in foreground, other trains in background/depot, lots of steam, soundtrack mentions tariffs that protected Canadian goods. Map of Maritime Canadian provinces. Small fishing town with boats in foreground, soundtrack mentions area settled by Tories fleeing from the American Revolution and later by Scots. Small boat yards with fishing boats. Man in fields with rake. Close up of raking ground. Small fishing village, jetty out to sea, harbour. 3 Men pulling crates up out of water. 3 men on land sorting out fishing boxes. 2 fishermen on quayside making nets, voice over explaining that areas trade with New England has closed due to American tariffs. Two men sitting under boat on land, chatting, wooden house in background, two people outside. Factory in Maritime Provinces, tall chimney stacks, smoke, group of workers. Coal mine possibly Cape Breton Island, smoke and machinery. Halifax seen from the sea with boats in foreground. Large ships in background, small tug in foreground. Street scene of Halifax, lots of people, cars and trams. Map of Canada pointing to Quebec and Montreal. Harbour scene with boats docking in Quebec province. Panoramic of Quebec. Old arch with tram and car driving through, old buildings. Possibly Quebec law courts. Possibly Quebec street, C18 houses. Men in horse drawn cart driving down street, old buildings. Close up of Quebec hotel with French writing on exterior. Horse drawn bakers cart, baker carrying basket of bread, two children walk by. Rural French Canadian man with horse and cart in pastoral scene. French Canadian/Quebecois farmhouses. Large family sitting round table for meal, v. traditional, soundtrack states large families encouraged by both state and church. French Canadian mother ladles soup and hands out bowls to family. View of father, young son sitting eating next to him, large jug of milk on table. Picture of parents/grandparents of French Canadian farmer. French/Canadian man reads paper sitting down. Wife knitting/crocheting is next to him, sitting under portraits of ancestors. French Canadian man in course shirt and braces reads paper an talks. Soundtrack stating that they are intensely nationalist. Farmer sitting on plough driven by two horses in furrowed field. Roman Catholic church in Quebec. Interior of Roman Catholic Church, very ornate baroque style. Senior clerical figure, possibly archbishop/Bishop walks in procession blessing/genuflecting, watched by large crowds .Small white wooden church with cross outside, children entering. A nun sitting between two women make hats. Large factory with smoke and large chimneys. Paper mill. Women and men on cotton/thread loom. Women working machinery at mill. Woman operates large loom with threads spinning. Threads spinning . Factories with trains in foreground, soundtrack states Canada was 4th largest producer of war materials in WWII. Lorries and trucks near train station. Large scale meat factory, men moving racks of carcasses. Large ship loaded with goods, soundtrack saying how Canada helped feed Britain and allies in war. Crates loaded up. Loading up goods on ships, sailor in foreground. Large industrial scene. Goods train passing factories and industrial areas. View of Industrial town with river in foreground. Miner drilling. Close up of drilling. Molten metal being poured in a mould. Large factory with cars in foreground. View of factory making munitions. Tank production line. Men working on production line of factory. Workers leaving factory/dock, most carrying bags. 2 welders. Two men welding possible making ships. Large steam train packed with freight, in industrial landscape. Close up of railway train's cargo. Large train's carriages of cargo moving against industrial background, soundtrack extolling Canada for paying its own way in war. Official cars driving past fighter planes. Franklin D Roosevelt, William L Mackenzie King and other man in official car. F D Roosevelt, W L Mackenzie King and other man in official car, spectators, police and bodyguards in background. Car containing F D Roosevelt, WL Mackenzie King and other drives past fighter planes. Large white building, clock and flagpoles flanking. 1940 Ogdensburg agreement, room of men, books and papers on desk, to set up permanent military partnership between Canada and the US. Close up of two men at the Treaty discussions. Military vehicle in Canada presumably using the Great US Military Highway. Military convoy driving along US Military Highway in NW Canada. Mountains, snowy scenery, truck in foreground. Group of men and women sitting round a table for forum/meeting/conference. 2 bespectacled men speaking. Sign showing "Foreign Policy Association" Speaker, Brooke Claxton KC. Large conference aerial view. Close up of dignitaries. Shows Brooke Claxton KC speaking at conference. Shot of Union Jack flying.

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