Film: 6123

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Sound | B/W


LONDON 1940's Tower Bridge is quickly followed by The Tower of London.
00m.40ss:- St.Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
01m.19ss:- Whitehall, St.Martin’s in the field, National Gallery, Trafalgar Square featuring Nelson’s Column and the eternal pigeons being fed by tourists.
01m39ss:- Piccadilly Circus leading on to The Mall and Buckingham Palace.
01m.46ss:- Queen Victoria Memorial
02m.08ss:- St James’s Park, views over the lake, people strolling and sitting on the grass.
02m.33ss:- Regent Street, pavement crowded with pedestrians
02m.39ss:- Regent’s Park Zoo entrance, penguins, tiger filmed through bars, polar bears chimpanzee & panda.
02m.51ss:- Hampstead Heath Fair, crowds. Man punches a boxing punch bag. People enjoy the rides, swings and a carousel.
03m12ss;- Teddington Regatta.
03m21ss:- Windsor Castle with its Royal connections
03m.30ss:- Road leading out of London. Lots of cars heading for the countryside and sea.
03m.36ss:- Kingly Green, Sussex -Marbles Championship in progress.
03m.48ss:- Seaside and beaches filmed from above, beaches are very busy and crowded. Speed Boat trips
04m.12ss:- Brighton Lights and Bathing Belle Contest, Parade of Beauties for the Beauty Queen of the Year. Plenty of banter from commentator and the judge naughtily fondles one of the contestants knees and stares at the girls through binoculars while standing very close to them. Lots of people sitting in deck chairs.
05m.40ss:- Cowes Regatta with lots of sails catching the winds. Woman looks through seaside mounted binoculars at yachts in the distance.
06m.20ss:- Royal Navy Cruiser entertains children with roundabouts, swings, ice cream and cakes from pirate waiter for a jolly party.
07m.13ss:- Outboard Motor racing stirring up some waves. One boat has stalled and the driver struggles to restart it. Crowds watch. Bottles of champagne are picked up one by one from the ground.
07m53ss:- Police Motor Bike Carnival with daredevil stunts, including jumping through a ring of fire. Young girl in the audience claps.
08m.45ss:- On track Motor racing around dirt circuit. The winner crosses the chequered flag.
09m23ss:- Aircraft Display from experienced pilots showing their skills with breathtaking ease. Views of the audience looking up into the sky. Woman smiles at the camera seated in the cockpit of a plane. Low flying.
10m.10ss:- very brief clip of a lady lawn mowing while her husband relaxes in deck chair.

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