Film: 6134

Sport | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Women in sport 1940's
Isadora Duncan style dance show in slow motion
Archery for your back
Rowing teams
Golf Women's Championships
Tennis doubles match
Rhaen Wheel
American football women's team
Roller skate basketball - the girls fight . Roller Derby
Women wrestling
Synchronised swimming
Olympics discus, shot, high jump, running hurdles
Bikini girls, water skiing in formation
An excuse to show off women doing sports and other things in skimpy costumes. Leering and voyeuristic, therefore sexist but tempered by irony and kitschiness so funny as well.
Women in sporting dresses skip and vault in slow motion by a wood. They leap and twirl, ballet - like, near a big house, also in slow motion. 'Free- flight shooting': Women lie on their backs in a line and draw bows using their feet, then fire arrows one at a time. The arrows land in a target area further away. One of the women lies and draws and fires another arrow. Another woman, the same. More arrows in the target area. Another kitsch intertitle, 'A crew race where girls do same thing at the same time wearing the same costumes': Four rowing boats with female crews speed along the water. Close-up of one crew heaving their oars. Three other boats row along the river.
Suggestive intertitle, 'On tee or green, girl golfers really show their form.' A woman golfer tees off, watched by a crowd. Another. A woman putts her ball into the hole, spectators watching. Another, the crowd clapping and congratulations being offered.
Women's doubles tennis, possibly at Wimbledon, the ball hit back and forth. One of the women loses her racket and stumbles into the crowd. The doubles playing again, till one side loses, both sides go to shake hands.
The Rhoen wheel contest: women inside metal wheels swing side to side. One of the women turns right round, head over heels. Side view of the women to and fro in their wheels. A young woman performs with a Rhoen wheel in front of a crowd- very graceful but also faintly ridiculous. Women in bikinis and cowboy hats push a Rhoen wheel with a cowgirl inside it along a beach - much fun. The cowgirl is rocked to and fro by the others. Seen from behind, her saddle bucking like a bronco. Seen from the side, cowboy hats waving. The group rolls the cowgirl and wheel towards the sea. Closer as she splashes into the water.
A women's American football team run out. An opposing team. Crowd in the stadium applauds. The two teams contend on the pitch till someone is brought down. Interested spectators. The teams line up, throw balls, run and catch each other, then one makes a break for it.
Women play basketball on skates. Another angle as a point is scored- all silly looking. They play some more. The ball is thrown between the two teams. One girl skates away from the others. Tugging and shoving descends into a slapping fight.
A roller-skating) derby - women jostle for position. One crashes out - she is furious. She had a tantrum. Others round a bend. There is a pile-up. Two women wrestle in a ring, one punches the other and sends her flying, ferocious but fun! The crowd love it. The wrestlers throw each other round the ring. Another angle as one emerges victorious. Women sunbathe in synchronicity. Similarly attired women, but wearing bathing caps, dive in synchronised lines. Seen from above as they splash into the pool. Four women perform synchronized swimming underwater. One woman's graceful movements. A woman does a rolling dive from a diving board in slow motion. Another does a more elaborate dive, again in slow motion. Another, from a higher board. The Olympic torch burning against a backdrop of mountains. Flags of various nations waving. A female discus thrower prepares herself. She swings the discus round, then throws (probably at Olympics in England. We pan up the body of a woman shot putter (probably Scottish). A man stares at her. She hefts the shot. The shot flies through the air.
A woman high jumper makes a successful jump. A female judge measures the height of the jump. Another female judge looks on. Another female high jumper. Women at the starting blocks of a race, then they dash off. They race round the track, one overtaking the leader to come first.
Women compete in a hurdles race. Intertitle, 'By the sea, girls must be seen to be appreciated.' Four women in bikinis or bathing suits adjust their briefs. Close-up of one as she reveals more flesh. She stands pretty. Photographers snap beauty posing on the podium. The eager faces of the photographers.
Two female water skiers in slow motion - they go up a ramp and one loses her balance. Water sprays from the path of another water skier. Another skies behind a boat. Pan of a water skier negotiating (mangrove?) trees in the water. The skier seen from the boat. A team of female water skiers pulled behind a boat, waving to camera. Three of the women form a pyramid with one on top. She waves to us. Two teams of three, waving and skiing behind the boat. Six teams ski past, waving at us.

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