Film: 6142

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Calgary , Canada , cowboy stampede of cattle. 1940's Wild cow milking contest.
The legendary Calgary Stampede. The horse racing track stadium, the seats are packed. Closer shot of the crowd all looking very excited, the women are wearing hats as well as the men, not looking very western. The Wild Cow milking competition. Cows run down the straight and cowboys on horses charge at them. One man holds the cow on a rope while his partner tries to get near to the cow to milk it, the cows pull the men all over the place, like waterskiing. One cowboy milks quickly, always watching the cow, which takes off and pulls the other man along with it. Several men milk furiously and then run with their bottles covered to the recording booth. Fifteen year old boys ride wild steers. A steer is let out of a cage with a boy of his back, bucking like mad, the boy falls off. Another and another give it a go.
Calf roping contest. A cowboy runs down a calf on his horse, lasooing it with a rope, jumps off his horse, flips the calf over and ties its feet rapidly. More steer riding by cowboys, some rodeo clowns to distract the bulls attention. Trick riding, a man jump on and off a horse, landing in different places and directions, as the horse gallops ful out down the straightaway. He jumps over a car whie standing up on two horses. Brahma bull riding, very violent kind of bull riding. A rodeo clown dressed up as a toreador distracts the bull from the fallen rider. He gets down on his hands and knees and pretends to be a bull, pawing the ground. He faces down a bull like this. Bucking bronco competition, a couple of good rides. The famous chuck wagon race. The bareback championchip, more bucking broncos, this time without saddles.

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