Film: 615

Railways | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Vale of Rheidol Railway to the Devil's Bridge Station, Wales 1960's

Man stands at sign for several Welsh narrow gauge railways. Queue at ticket office for Devil's bridge and Vale of rheidol stations. Family prepare to get in train. Man collapses his child's pushchair and family get in train. Men stand near engine Llywelyn. Good shot of engine. One of men is the engine driver. Guard stands outside train talking to male passenger who sits inside at an open door. The engine with a British Railways logo on the side. Steam powered train slowly pulls away from station. Owain Glyndwr pulls a long train. Taking on water. From rear of train we see rest of train as we pull round a long bend. Shot from high on embankment of the train rounding a bend. Engine pulls five carriages, one of which is open sided, as it goes up hill round bend steaming furiously. Devil's Bridge station sign at 680 feet above sea level. Crowds mill around at station. Men seen interviewing passengers on train.

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