Film: 6156

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie footage, many short shots of streets in Japan (presumably Tokyo, 1930's although the title is not an original continuum with what follows) big buildings, people in the streets, many cars. Two women in kimonos, soldiers, Japanese flags on top of a building, a big stadium, a tram, a bridge over a river, a statue of a warrior on a horse, many people crossing the roads, a view of the city from a moving train. In a religious ceremony, monks in different costumes carrying on their shoulders a beautifully carved wooden construction inside which sits their holy man. They all walk in a row, men carrying gongs, musicians being carried too. They walk towards a shrine. A religious ceremony is taking place. A tennis game. A big gate -Japanese writing on top. A market. A Pagoda. Smiling people coming out of a building. A Japanese garden. A man on a train platform waving his hand. A park, a big pagoda, a horse and wagon. Sea side is seen through a cave's entrance. A view of the cave from the shore. A man on a boat. Passengers smiling. A statue of Buddha - its legs, its head. Views in the mist.
Join here to better quality footage, possibly stock inter titles in English, "Nikko". A bridge over a river. A front road to Toshugu shrine, two people crossing the road, on either side Cryptomera trees. The large Torii gate overlooking a five story pagoda. The front gate, a statue of Buddha enclosed. Three treasure houses are seen on the right of the gate. On the left is a sacred stable. "Famous saying of "DO NOT SEE. DO NOT HEAR. DO NOT SPEAK EVIL", is on this transom. On the right turn is Yomei-gate. Fully decorated with statues and gargoyles, through this gate and the temple can be seen two huge ornate doors, in the passage way the carving of Sleeping Cat can be seen. The tomb of Tokugawa Shogun III. The road now winds along at the side of the Daya River, many cars riding down the rive with many rocks. The Hoto waterfall is seen from the tea house. The famous Kegon waterfall. Lake Chuzehji - its source. Views of Senjogahara. Streams on the way to Yunotaki waterfall. Lake Yunoko - its source. Fish, boats, trees all around.

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