Film: 6157

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Prisons or labour camp in Germany at the beginning of the Nazi regime 1930's
"Wer als Aubenstehender einmal Gelegenheit hat, einen blick hinter die Mauern einer stratfanstalt zu werten dem tut sich eine eigenartige Welt auf". Model Prison in Germany, 1920's. Small group of prisoners disembarks from a train with German troops guarding. They are handcuffed in groups of two and three. They are marched up to a German prison's doors. Close-up of three of them. One wears a white armband. A soldier in gaudy uniform unlocks the handcuffs. They walk to a prison building. Pass through some doors, which are locked behind them. They stand in a room while a man with clipboard lectures to them, with a guard nearby. A prisoner in a cell. A line of prisoners one with a mark or wound on his forehead. The prisoners undress in a room. A guard in a cap looks in the mouth of a naked man. He lifts his arms and shows his head. He washes in a tiled shower next to another man. A line of naked men wash in the shower. They dress in the prison uniform and are given a blanket and other supplies or rations. The guard or possibly doctor wraps them together and puts them in a checked cloth bag. Each prisoner carries his checked cloth bag on his shoulder and walks down a staircase. The interior of the prison block with cells and walkways. Observation box in the prison. View from the ground looking up at the walkways. The prisoners with their bags enter the main block, past the noticeboard, put their bags on the floor. A capped guard with clipboard questions them. One prisoner enters a cell and the guard locks the door behind him. Two others enter another cell and are locked in. Some of the prisoners stare blankly at the camera. A prisoner working on a sewing machine. Another operates a lathe. Another in a workshop. A row of prisoners work at a bench with small hammers. A guard sounds a gong with a very large mallet. A guard unlocks a row of cells and the inmates come out and line up. Holding their mugs in their hands, they march. A loan shop. Prisoner in a library. Pan across the shelves of books. Prisoners in a cell, one on a bunk bed, one on a chair, both reading. Two (both) prisoners play a board game. Prisoners marching around the yard for exercise. They do exercises. The prison hospital, a row of beds. A doctor attends a patient with arm exercises. A building site, a hammer smashing concrete. Shovelling rubble. A building facade collapses inward having been weakened. German Third Reich architecture. Women dressed as ancient goddesses. Hitler marches and inspects a line of SS, he is in a cap and trenchcoat. Arm raised in salute. A group of soldiers runs to position and sets up a machine gun. A group of soldiers in a maize field shield their eyes and look to the sky with their machine gun ready. Larger artillery gun is fired. One soldier takes notes, therefore probably a training exercise. Close-up of gun firing team. Loading and unloading the charges. Two armoured wagons. Soldiers come out of the side doors. A soldier lying net to his machine gun gets out his gas mask and puts it on. The German cavalry. Motorbike. Soldier with a wireless unit. Group of officers discuss tactics. Bugle players. Vice President von Hindenberg in the field - nice long shot of him.

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