Film: 6165

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The British Isles 1940's
Houses at Kent, warehouses in Halifax, Yorkshire pit head, white cliffs. Housing, markets, coal mining, iron mining, foundry, smaller machine shops, ship building, clay mines, Wedgwood china, sheep farming, cotton, mines at work, horse harvesting, beef cattle, cattle market, fishing fleets, Docks in London, very good London streets, St. Pauls
Britain's demography, industry and trade in the late 1940s.

Titles over the Houses of Parliament in London. Globe and map of Great Britain. Coastal cliffs. Rows of houses on the edge of a town. Rolling Kent countryside- an oast house in the middle distance. Sheep on a moor. A large factory with several chimney stacks. A pit head at a mine. London's Tower Bridge, the Thames busy with boats and quayside cranes. White cliffs near Dover. Map of the Dover Straits, and Britain and Ireland, emphasising geographical and political features. A quaint country town-spired church and leafy street. Pit head inside a sprawling mining town. Suburban homes, a park or sports field in the foreground. Terraced houses - a ' slum area '. Market stall, busy with housewives. An electrician sits outside his parked van. A draughtsman with set square. A middle-class man or gentlemen , relaxing with his pipe and dog. A man with a broad moustache. A road crowded with commuters on foot, cycle and by car. A demographical map of Britain and Ireland a sequence regarding cities follows, and resources after that. Coal miner shovelling coal at the coal face. Coal pours from a conveyor belt into wagons. An open iron ore mine, machinery and wagons. A digger fills an wagon. Map showing overseas supplies. A steel works - huge pipes and components. Inside, molten steel or iron is poured. Workers cast iron into moulds. Molten metal is poured from high up. Huge pincers lift a glowing block of iron or steel. Sheet steel rolls from a machine and is cooled. Workers in a factory operate a machine working on a steel piece. Similar. A rivet is welded on a ship. The riveter at work. Workers carry metal components on the deck of a ship under construction. Construction work at a shipyard. Workers dig and shovel in a clay pit. Two of the men fill a wagon. A potter shapes clay on a wheel. Another. A potter smoothes a nearly finished pot. Another potter applies a relief design to a plate. A shepherd tends his flock. The sheep graze. Similar. World map showing wool supply to Britain. A wool or cotton mill, a female worker puts the wool or cotton on a loom. Closer. The machine or loom spins the material. A woman stands next to a loom. A mill floor full of these machines. A grain farm horses pulling a thresher. Closer. Families of farm labourers pick potatoes. A dairy herd graze on another farm. Farmers and beef cattle at a market. Sheep in pens at a market. The sheep are sold at auction. Fish are unloaded from a trawler. Closer, showing a basket filled with fish. Produce unloaded at a market.. Housewives sort through vegetables at a market. Map showing food imports to Britain. Tugs tow a merchant ship out of port. Merchant ships moored in port, cranes behind them on the quay. Ships and quayside at London Docks, Tower Bridge in the distance. Closer, as one of the ships is unloaded into another ship. Similar. Similar again. A crane hoists a tractor in the air. Another crane lowers a crate. Map showing Britain's harbours and trade, imports and exports. London docks, bristling with ships and cranes. London's city bridges, with a view east to Tower Bridge, and north to the city. St. Paul's Cathedral, seen from the river. A busy London street (possibly Farringdon Street) - bustling with cars and pedestrians. A London city building, pediment and porticoes, probably Mansion House. The Houses of Parliament, seen from the Thames.

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