Film: 6172

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Cigarette commercials 1960's

Marlboro back stage at the ball game, animated. The football stadium. In the press box, a interviewer smokes a cigarette in front of a camera with a sports star beside him. The interviewer holds a package of Marlboro, the sports star takes a package out of his own pocket. They rehearse the commercial several times but Juggernaut Jones the football star keeps messing up.
Rothmans King size Times change. A small clock at five to twelve, the hands go in reverse. old and new transport early aviation and motor cars Hover craft and jaguar. Hercules airplane. A jet airplane. Early automobiles. Fast red sports car zooms down the highway. A hover craft. A fast ferry. A cigarette smokes in an ashtray. The short cigarette changes to a long one, a Rothmans's king size cigarette. Two hands hold up the old and new cigarettes and compare them. A hand offers a cigarette out and another hand takes one. A globe with Rothmans' packs popping up on it.

Peter Stuyvesant
The Sphynx, Egypt. A large Egyptian temple at Karnac. Abu Simbal temple in the rocks. The pyramids and the mummy case of tutenkamen. Egyptian paintings and figurines. A belly dancer at a dining club in sequined black. Two couples sit at a table and smokes cigarettes happily.
The Parthenon on the Greek Acropolis in Athens Greece, seen from Lykavetos hill. A large yacht. Patmos, Aegean Greek islands? Hands playing a bazooki. Tourists watch Greek folk dancing. Swimming and enjoying cocktails on a yacht.

The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. A flamenco dancer in Madrid, Spain. A red sport car in Siena, Italy. Festival of the Pailo in Venice, Italy a parade and band. Men on horses. The horse race. Parade with the city's flags. Lots of shots of people lighting cigarettes. Arc of Constantine in Rome, Italy. Matador competition in Madrid. The harbour of Monte Carlo. A painter mixes oil paints. Driving along the Quay in Monte Carlo. Man hops into the car with a pair of water skis. Man water skiing. On a yacht at night.

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