Film: 6173

Feature Drama | 1900 | Sound | B/W


Melodrama 1900's

"The Innkeeper's Daughter or…A Chaste Girl Chased."

Three men sit drinking and smoking at a table in an inn or bar. A girl pours a mug of beer from a jug and hands it to one of the men, who is dressed like a cowboy. He grabs her and tries to kiss her. She pushes him off and sends him out.

"Later that night". The man looks through the window into the inn. The girl enters the room, wearing a shawl. She goes to lock the door but the man pushes it open and comes into the room. She tries to run away from him but he grabs her and kisses her. She struggles. Luckily her father appears at the window and rushes into the room. The two men fight, the younger man pushes the father onto a table. The girl rushes to a neighbour's house, a woman sits at a table near a child in a cot. The woman leaves. The girl hides behind a curtain. Her pursuer comes in and looks for her. He grimaces at the baby but then has a change of heart and puts his arms out towards the child in a dramatic gesture. He spots the girl and gently takes her hand, he goes down on his knees and begs forgiveness. He leaves.


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