Film: 6182

Natural History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Documents aspects of the life of the honey bee 1930's

Suggests that the chaos apparent in a bee hive is, in fact, ordered. Some very nice shots of early bee keeping.

Bees on flowers. Bee keeper inverting a bee hive to reveal the thousands of bees inside. Female worker bees making the waxy cells of the honey comb, shot from above it looks as if there are hundreds of bees scurrying across the honeycomb. Bees collecting pollen from flowers. An animated diagram (including cross section) of how a bee collects pollen, followed by a similar diagram that illustrates how the bee inserts the pollen into the honeycomb. It is by doing this that the grubs (the baby bees) are fed. A new queen emerges from the honeycomb. Bee pupae and cocoons are placed in the honeycomb. Twelve days later fully grown bees emerge. Bees swarming around hives as old queen leaves (due to overcrowding). The swarm collects on the branch of a tree and a bee keeper shakes the swarm into a new hive. Male bees being reared in the old hive. More shots of bees on honeycomb. They get excited at the hive's entrance (a man brushes his fingers through them). Shot of a dead male bee (drone) who has just mated with a new queen. Bees walking on and flying from hard surface. Bee keeper using special comb in order to extract honey from the honeycomb. The job is completed in a tub which revolves forcing the honey out.

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