Film: 6183

Art + Architecture | 1940 | Sound | B/W


St Ives in Cornwall as an art centre. Art classes on the beach, a group sit on the rocks and draw, wood modellers artist in his studio 1940's

A panaramic view of St.Ives harbour is the introduction to this film.
Leonard J.Fuller and his St.Ives School of Painting is then featured showing his pupils at work on the beach.
2m30s Harry Rowntree Commercial Artist and Painter is at work in his studio and referred to as the leading Commercial Artist of the day.
3m37s Borlase Smart exPresident of Society of Artists one of our most dynamic artists
3m54s Commander Bradshaw RN Enjoyed painting his seafaring memories on canvas.

4m29s Change of scene to Modelmaking and John Thorpe with view of Southwark Cathedral in 1670 a model that took 25years to complete.
6.29s Mr Chapman employee of 35yrs shown at work.
7m42s Johnny Evans specialist in figure modelling.
7m58s Michael and Dennis apprentices hard at work.
8.12s. Mrs Thorpe specialist in model tree making.

9m12s Robin Nance Artisan woodcarver. Shown at work on some of his carved signs. A fruit bowl is made from a solid piece of wood and the finished product is displayed with other items made by Robin Nance.

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